Author Sylvia Huffnagle Has Published a Book of Inspirational Short Stories

Lewistown, PA, August 03, 2011 --( The title is Yea, Though I Walk … and it is a collection of all her short fiction stories.

Part one: 7 Christian lessons learned by teens
Part two: 5 Stories about challenges that Christians face.
Pet three: 3 Christian Testimonies and 1 parable.
Part four: 5 Contemporary rescue stories.

Sylvia’s other books include:

Transformed, 121 Biblical Articles - These articles are unique in that you will not find them to be repeats of former articles that you have read. Nor will you feel that they mimic the average sermon you may have heard. For they have been written from the prophet’s perspective. They were inspired by God and their intent is to open the eyes of the people to see what the Bible really says and what the Bible really teaches.

Time Saving - for the earnest inquirer, all Bible text is included in the articles. This is a distinctive and very handy feature for the earnest inquirer, but it has added to the cost of the book.

Bible Living Quiz Book is 964 multiple choice questions and answers. Godly Teachings, No Trivia. The questions are rated according to how difficult they may be.

Four Inspirational Romance:
In the Palm of His Hand - is about two happily married young women who lose their husbands in the 9/11 bombing. It’s about what happens, what they suffer, what God teaches them, and what God does for them.

The Gift of Love is about a very pretty girl who doesn’t get asked out on dates because she has a clubfoot--or could it be her attitude that repulses guys? All during her childhood she had dreamed of having her own Prince Charming, but she doesn’t even get asked to the prom. Later, she receives the Lord and he changes her attitude and her life.

Choose Life is about a single mom with two little girls and a baby on the way. She falls victim to Hurricane Frances and then Jeanne. In her darkest hour she receives the Lord and He teaches her how to make good choices and turns her life completely around.

A Time and A Season is about a mid-life crisis in which Deb’s husband leaves her for younger woman. Though Deb is devastated, she feels led to fight spiritually for his restoration. In Eccles. it says there is a time and season for everything. Read about the experiences Deb goes through as she waits for the season for her marriage to be restored.

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