International Day of Slayer Celebrates Heavy Metal Culture on June 6

The International Day of Slayer, a holiday celebrated June 6 worldwide, uses Slayer as a symbol for heavy metal, which is increasingly being recognized as a culture in its own right, joining others in our pluralistic society. - June 06, 2009

American Nihilist Underground Society Releases Interview with Beherit

First interview since 1999 discusses new album, soul of black metal with underground metal experts at the American Nihilist Underground Society. - January 29, 2009

LARM! The Original User-Contributed Metal Reviews Site Back Online

The original underground metal user-contributed reviews site, LARM!, went offline some years ago and has now been restored as a reviews archive as part of the net's longest-running metal site, the Dark Legions Archive. - August 02, 2008

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