International Day of Slayer Celebrates Heavy Metal Culture on June 6

The International Day of Slayer, a holiday celebrated June 6 worldwide, uses Slayer as a symbol for heavy metal, which is increasingly being recognized as a culture in its own right, joining others in our pluralistic society.

Los Angeles, CA, June 06, 2009 --( This June 6, a new holiday will be celebrated worldwide: the International Day of Slayer. Originally started as a parody of the "National Day of Prayer," the International Day of Slayer caught on with fans, the band Slayer, and academics alike. Now in its third year, the heavy metal holiday is a time for people to come together and recognize heavy metal as a culture by enjoying the music of Slayer.

"In a pluralistic society I think elective cultures such as those that surround styles of music like heavy metal are, if anything, more legitimate than other forms," said Dr. Steve Waksman, a professor of music at Smith College. He and other experts interviewed by the International Day of Slayer agreed that metal constitutes a distinct culture, and that Slayer is a good flagship band for this culture.

Dr. Keith Kahn-Harris, a sociologist who writes extensively about metal, emphasized this connection: "There is no dispute that Slayer are a core part of metal culture and this is unlikely to change in the short to medium term. Further, Slayer are also important in defining what it means to be 'metal', both in terms of pioneering certain musical features, but also more nebulously in terms of 'attitude'."

Last month, metal activists petitioned President Barack Obama to recognize the International Day of Slayer as an official holiday, and in doing so, to legitimize metal as a culture within the many cultures of modern America. To emphasize this point, they mailed the White House a copy of Slayer's "Reign in Blood" to help Mr. Obama make up his mind.

Only a few days later, Slayer themselves extended a hand to the new holiday by filming a video interview with bassist Tom Araya. Araya called the International Day of Slayer "the world's biggest heavy metal holiday," and mentions the importance of a holiday for metalheads worldwide. This comes from the band that journalist Martin Popoff calls "the biggest most legendary very heavy band," and praises them for the "wild communion" of their concerts.

As June 6 approaches, metalheads worldwide will celebrate Slayer and in doing so celebrate a symbol of the culture that brings them together: the culture of heavy metal. In our modern pluralistic societies, many cultures combine to form a civilization, and this holiday helps us recognize heavy metal as one of them. Join us this Saturday by not doing any work... and listening to Slayer instead.


About Slayer

Slayer is a speed metal band from Long Beach, CA who specialize in themes of a mechanistic society manipulated by the occult. For over 20 years, their brand of high-intensity metal has been a watermark for the metal subculture.

About International Day of Slayer

The International Day of Slayer is an initiative by Slayer fans to create a worldwide holiday on June 6 for listening to the music of Slayer.

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