American Nihilist Underground Society Releases Interview with Beherit

First interview since 1999 discusses new album, soul of black metal with underground metal experts at the American Nihilist Underground Society.

Alief, TX, January 29, 2009 --( One of the founders of black metal and long one of its leading innovators, black metal band Beherit gave their first interview since 1999, discussing their new album "Engram" and the artistic underpinnings of the black metal genre.

"Beherit is back to destroy art. I had very intensive two months, by writing new songs and re-creating the spirit of the Beherit sound. I think it turned out to be quite okay, kind of a mixture of all previous releases," said Beherit frontman Nuclear Holocaust Vengeance, in one part of the interview.

Dark Legions Archive editor Kontinual said he was awed by the interview. "Beherit, along with a handful of others, invented this genre and lifted it to new heights of artistry and musical quality," he said. "We are honored and bowled over to have Beherit talk to us, and the quality of answers sets a new level for all metal interviews."

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About Beherit

Founded in 1989, Beherit helped create the second wave of black metal that emerged from Scandinavia in the early 1990s and re-defined what it was to be a heavy metal band. Louder, faster, darker and more contemplative, this music terrified onlookers and delighted fans.

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