Black and Light Co. Turns on a New Light with Rainbows

In the summer of 2008, Black & Light Co. teamed up with Rainbows, an organization which helps guide and aid children through life’s trials and tribulations. They are donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their candles directly to Rainbows when a special code is input.

Traverse City, MI, November 09, 2008 --( In the summer of 2008, Black & Light Co. teamed up with yet another organization that provides aid to children in need. In keeping with the vision owner Holly Eve provided when she launched the company in January of 2008, Black & Light Co. has partnered with Rainbows. As an elementary teacher for twenty-five years, Holly understands the importance of providing aid to the development of troubled children, and is continually seeking out different ways to aid organizations in this venture.

Rainbows is a non-profit organization which provides aid to children reeling from a life-altering processes such as divorce or loss of a loved one. It was founded by Suzy Yehl Marta who developed the original curriculum which was implemented in 1983 by three Chicago area public schools. Rainbows is now in full force in 49 states and over 10 other countries. It is the nations largest non-profit organization that focuses solely on helping families recover from loss and has helped over 1 million children nationwide.

Black & Light Co. has provided Rainbows with a special code to be used on their website. A portion of each sale made using this code will go directly to the organization itself.

While the economy continues its economic volatility, and small startups struggle to stay afloat, Black and Light Co. has not deterred from the vision set forth by owner Holly Eve. The company continues to partner with numerous charitable organizations like Rainbows, with a focus on children and childhood development – a venture in line with Holly’s past as an elementary school teacher for twenty-five years.

Instead of looking for ways to cut costs and trim spending, Black & Light Co. is reaching out to new organizations on a monthly basis, creating a foundation which measures success not in company profits but in building relationships with organizations like Rainbows. As Black & Light Co. grows, so too will the strength of the bonds they have formed with all of their charitable partners.

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Logan Suttmann