Going “Green” – Corporate Branding Style

New trend towards eco-friendly lifestyle creates emerging market for corporate branding using promotional items made from earth friendly and recycled materials notes one expert.

Going “Green” – Corporate Branding Style
Philadelphia, PA, May 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The eco-friendly movement has a new ally – and believe it or not, it’s big business! Like never before, corporations are seeing the value in going “green” as they promote their people, products and logo.

Bill Litton, of IASpromotes.com has seen a huge spike in not only the amount and variety of so-called “eco-friendly” promotional items, but in the interest his clients have shown in them. “It wasn’t long ago, when all we could offer was a pencil or yo-yo made of recycled items, but now with our suppliers joining the cause, we offer more than 5,000 promotional products which are made of either recycled, organic, sustainable, biodegradable, or ethically sourced materials,” says Litton.

“I believe businesses, and even city, state and national government agencies are starting to see the value in reinforcing the notion that we all need to reduce, reuse and recycle.” If you dovetail the earth consciousness message with the intrinsic impact of promotional products, then you, as the advertiser are generating a very powerful good-will effort. And that, says Litton, is worth more in return to businesses than the actual cost of the merchandise.”

"Our hope is that this “trend” continues into a sustained “movement” and that anyone looking to promote their brand will choose promotional products that contribute to the conservation efforts. For our part, we will continue to source materials and carry the most comprehensive range of eco-friendly items and business gifts anywhere in the market. We have devoted an entire section of our website for these offerings located at: (http://www.iaspromotes.com/Categories/SubCategories/Ecofriendly.html) and invite suppliers as well as conservation groups to join our efforts as the only way to make a dent in global warming and reduce the strain on natural resources is to work together towards a brighter and greener future."

About Bill Litton:
Bill Litton, is President of IASpromotes.com, the online promotional products division of Independent Ad Specialties - both award winning entities. As a 14-year industry veteran, he has worked with many of the top companies in America and can be contacted through its website at http://www.iaspromotes.com or toll free at 1-800-780-1962 xt. 204

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