Biography, Video, and Other Info About Dr. Ben Johnson Available on New Website

For those who've learned about Dr. Ben through his book or appearances, is a new resource for information about the alternative medicine doctor. - February 05, 2009

New Website Provides Important Information on Breast Health, Other Subjects gives women interested in a new perspective on breast health a chance to look at a new book that details just that. - December 22, 2008

Safe, Non-Invasive Alternative to Mammograms Available in Chattanooga

Thermography is a procedure that maps out the body’s temperature range, revealing physiological abnormalities. While thermography has been an important part of medicine, cumbersome machinery has prevented it from becoming widely available until now. - December 18, 2008

Women's Health Movement Misses the Big Picture When It Comes to Breast Health & Cancer

A new book by Dr. Ben Johnson lays out unconventional ways to prevent and treat breast cancer that most women don't know about, and that the women's health industry won't talk about. - November 09, 2008

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