New Website Provides Important Information on Breast Health, Other Subjects gives women interested in a new perspective on breast health a chance to look at a new book that details just that.

Chattanooga, TN, December 22, 2008 --( To help promote and complement the new book The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom, Dr. Ben Johnson Services, LLC is pleased to announce the opening of a new website at

Designed to give interested parties more information on the book before they decide to purchase it, the new website offers a free sample chapter that can be read directly from the website using technology from Information on the authors, Dr. Ben Johnson and Kathleen Barnes, is also included with further links to learn more about them.

Besides prolific content about the book, the website also includes Dr. Ben’s new blog at While Dr. Ben writes on subjects relating to breast health, he also talks about general health subjects such as heart health and cancer, making the blog a significant resource of health information. Dr. Johnson also does a related health talk every week and releases it as a podcast on the Breast Health Secrets website.

The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom is a book that approaches breast health from a unique perspective. As an integrative cancer specialist, Dr. Ben Johnson has treated hundreds of women with breast cancer. The experience led him to seek ways to increase awareness of the directions women can take to keep their breasts healthy, thereby diminishing their risk of breast cancer and other breast diseases. Many of these techniques are covered in the book.

The website went live on December 15, 2008. Dr. Ben Johnson Services, LLC. is soliciting comments and questions about the website on their Contact Us page.

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