Safe, Non-Invasive Alternative to Mammograms Available in Chattanooga

Thermography is a procedure that maps out the body’s temperature range, revealing physiological abnormalities. While thermography has been an important part of medicine, cumbersome machinery has prevented it from becoming widely available until now.

Chattanooga, TN, December 18, 2008 --( Dr. Ben Johnson Services, LLC, is pleased to announce it’s partnership with Stillpoint Health Associates Inc. in opening a new Thermography clinic under the name of Thermography Limited, LLC. It will be the first private clinic in Chattanooga to offer thermography screenings.

Thermography is a safe alternative to mammograms that doesn’t involve radiation or harmful treatment of breast tissues by squeezing the breast between two plates. In fact, thermography requires no physical contact with the body at all to work. A camera takes a picture of the heat signature the body gives off to create a color map, or thermogram, of the body’s heat. Often, a concentration of heat in an area of the body where it would not normally be can be indications of problems such as cancer, inflammation, or stress, among other things. An interpreting doctor can read the results and determine the next course of action.

Because a thermogram reads heat, it can detect abnormal activity long before a traditional mammogram, self examination or even doctor examination can. Early detection is especially important for women under 50 who will often have denser breast tissue, making suspicious legions harder to find.

Thermography isn’t just for breast screenings, but can also be used as a diagnosis for abnormalities anywhere in the body. The thermogram machines at Thermography Limited, LLC., can detect very slight changes in temperature on the body which can indicate inflammation, soft tissue injuries, and sensory/autonomic nerve fiber dysfunction.

More can be learned about thermograms by visiting, including a walkthrough of the thermography procedure, articles and technical information about thermography, and a FAQ page.

Stillpoint Health Associates is known in the Chattanooga area for offering quality alternative medicine choices for those seeking different methods of treatment. They offer colonic irrigation, massage therapy, and lymphatic therapy along with thermograms.

Thermography Limited, LLC
June Drennon