Effective Project Planning with Mind2Chart is Now Available for Visual Mind Users

Mind2Chart Team announced the release of the new version of this project planning add-in for Visual Mind. - March 07, 2009

Mind2Chart Releases Outlook EasyTask to Make Visual Mind and MS Outlook Working Together

Recently Mind2Chart Team has released the new add-in for Visual Mind named Outlook EasyTask. This add-in is developed to combine possibilities of MS Outlook and Visual Mind to increase effectiveness of the task management. - March 05, 2009

Mind2Chart Team: Process MS Project Data in MindManager Without MS Project Installed

Have different departments with different project management software used? Need to share materials between MS Project and MindManager users quickly and easily? Good news for you – Mind2Chart Team has released the new MindManager add-in MS Project Adapter that enables to import Microsoft Project XML Document into MindManager. MS Project installed is not required. - March 04, 2009

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