Effective Project Planning with Mind2Chart is Now Available for Visual Mind Users

Mind2Chart Team announced the release of the new version of this project planning add-in for Visual Mind.

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, March 07, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The main ideology of Mind2Chart – use easily only those tools you really need – was used as the base for the add-in for Visual Mind 11 and higher.

Now the creation of the fully manageable project plan in Visual Mind is easy and quick task that can be performed by even non-professional Project Manager.

“Due to the experience gained before we managed to implement the functions that are really essential for project managers in the Mind2Chart for Visual Mind.” – says Sergiy Goncharov, the manager of Mind2Chart team. – “This product includes now not only our experience and vision of project management and implementation but also the opinions and needs of our clients who manage various projects of real life. Besides using already gained knowledge let us make Mind2Chart for Visual Mind even more affordable.”

Assigning selected branches of the map to Mind2Chart user turns them to project tasks – single or group ones. Then they can be managed by means of Mind2Chart panels integrated into Visual Mind interface. Main panel of Mind2Chart includes two parts; one of them enables to set task parameters and serves as Project Schedule and the second part visualizes the Schedule using Gantt chart technique.

Working with project tasks user can define different parameters for them: key dates, work duration, milestone mark etc. Basic parameters can be also specified in Mind2Chart tab integrated into the Quick Access bar of Visual Mind. Mind2Chart add-in also deals with task dependencies that define the sequence of task implementation: for example, one task should be finished in order to start the other one; one task should be started not earlier than the other is started and so on.

Mind2Chart for Visual Mind provides a number of features to work with resources starting from resource loading percent and personal schedule and finishing with Task alignment feature that enables to automatically align tasks in order to optimize resource loading and project cost.

Amongst other features of Mind2Chart provided to the Visual Mind users, they can mention Master Schedule with customizable holidays and working timetable; advanced reporting options including Total Cost report in Excel format that can serve as the base for invoices; options to track project status; support of sharing information and others.

Thanks to the two-way synchronization and tight integration into Visual Mind interface, Mind2Chart naturally augments the Mind Technologies product, enriched its mindmapping approach with Project Management techniques and thus turns it into an easy-to-use and efficient Project Management tool.

Mind2Chart for Visual Mind provides an opportunity of free evaluation during 30 days. More details about this product can be found at the official Mind2Chart site www.mind2chart.com.

Supplemental information

1. First versions of Mind2Chart project planning add-in were developed for Mindjet MindManager Pro 7 and MindManager 8. The add-in is good mostly for the small and middle-sized projects and has already gained customer adherence. Product evolution is performed in tight cooperation with users – most of their suggestions are implemented as new features in different versions of the Mind2Chart.

2. Visual Mind is mind mapping software provided by Mind Technologies that allows users to capture and organize information in a visual manner. The result is electronic "mind maps" that provides both overview and details in the same view.

Mind2Chart Team
Alex Zhiltsova
+380 56 371 55 32