Mind2Chart Releases Outlook EasyTask to Make Visual Mind and MS Outlook Working Together

Recently Mind2Chart Team has released the new add-in for Visual Mind named Outlook EasyTask. This add-in is developed to combine possibilities of MS Outlook and Visual Mind to increase effectiveness of the task management.

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, March 05, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Outlook EasyTask add-in enables to import MS Outlook tasks as branches with different grouping options. Users of Mind2Chart project management add-in will also enjoy import feature because of all task information obtained from MS Outlook can be included into Mind2Chart Project Plan automatically.

In other hand Visual Mind branches can be exported to MS Outlook – with all Mind2Chart task info if there is any.

Key feature of Outlook EasyTask is Synchronization. Both imported and exported Visual Mind tasks – as well as any branches user specifies – can be linked to MS Outlook corresponding tasks and synchronized with them by one single click at any time. Thus all information is automatically updated and stays valid to really involve both Visual Mind and MS Outlook into effective task management process.

Adding new tasks is easy and quick process too as soon as Outlook EasyTask has an option to ignore already linked tasks both when importing and exporting.

“Joining MS Outlook with mindmapping software is not a new idea actually.” – says Sergiy Goncharov, leader of Mind2Chart Team. “We just tried to implement it in the best way, thoroughly choosing and working on concrete features to make this cooperative work really easy and convenient.”

More details about Outlook EasyTask can be found at www.mind2chart.com.

Supplemental information

1. Mind2Chart is project planning add-in for Visual Mind 11 and higher. The add-in is good mostly for the small and middle-sized projects and covers all of the common project management activities. Gantt chart is used for visualization, advanced reporting features are proposed.

2. Visual Mind is mind mapping software provided by Mind Technologies that allows users to capture and organize information in a visual manner. The result is electronic "mind maps" that provides both overview and details in the same view.

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