GVI Gains Unique Access to Panda Project in China

A new volunteer project has been established to help conserve the last remaining Qinling pandas, a subspecies of the giant panda. According to WWF China, there are only around 200-300 of the Qinling panda left in the wild following the destruction of habitat, a lack of conservation resources, and... - April 23, 2011

GVI Begins Work with Rescued Street-Begging Elephants in Thailand

Build a new home for rescued elephants in Thailand and experience the “Land of the Free” with GVI, and make a difference by caring for your own elephant in the remote Surin Province of Eastern Thailand. - April 23, 2010

A Taste of India, with Rewarding Opportunities in Kerala with GVI

Ethical volunteering organization, Global Vision International (GVI), have recently launched a new volunteer project in Kerala, South India, working and teaching at orphanages and schools with vulnerable and underprivileged children. Volunteers experience a taste of the culture in India while making a significant difference in the lives of the children that GVI work with. - April 22, 2010

Australia: More to do Than Just Sunbathe with GVI

Australia conjures up images of endless sunshine and vast, beautiful beaches, where stunning coastlines surround an immense desert interior. It is therefore no surprise that the country is a popular tourist destination, included on many gap year and round-the-world itineraries. - March 14, 2010

GVI Looks for the Difference Worldwide

The number of individuals across the world who dedicate their time to volunteer is immeasurable. Many of these individuals do so because they want to make a difference. - February 12, 2010

A Year in the Life of GVI: 2009 Review...

From Obama to H1N1 to financial crisis to the death of the King of Pop, 2009 has been some year… - December 31, 2009

GVI. Volunteer Abroad 365 Days a Year. Even 25th December.

The festive season come December 25th does not always have to be about turkey, tinsel, stuffing and stress. If you have ever thought of giving it a miss but never quite managed, then GVI are ready to make this a reality… - October 09, 2009

GVI Launches a Full House of Volunteer Options in South Africa

South Africa has always proved to be a popular destination with incredible scenery, stunning wildlife – and now with a wide range of volunteering programs from Global Vision International (GVI) – it now has the options for the conscious traveler. - June 11, 2009

Plan Your Escape from the Economic Climate This Summer with GVI

For those with extended university or summer breaks, or for those looking for that something different, Global Vision International (GVI) has recommended our Top Ten summer volunteering programs from 1 week to 2 months designed to suit any situation. - June 09, 2009

Experience is (Usually) the Name of the Game

"Experience Required"... sound familiar? This needs to longer be the case with Global Vision International (GVI). - May 02, 2009

Time Has Already Sprung Forward This Year. So Have GVI.

Global Vision International (GVI) are pleased to announce that a number of new programs are now running, including a unique opportunity in Laos, and the chance to change a life for the better in Mombasa, Kenya. - May 02, 2009

Survey Puts Forest on Road to Preservation

Teams of volunteers have been taking vital steps towards saving a unique Kenyan forest and its resident population of endangered Colobus monkeys. - April 24, 2009

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