Key-Systems' Domain Portal domaindiscount24 Offers Support to Open-Source Projects

domaindiscount24 (dd24) would like to support innovative open source projects through the provision of its services in 2013. dd24 is the retail service of the international registrar Key-Systems GmbH. To promote outstanding projects, Key-Systems asks the open source community for support. - December 19, 2012

KeyDrive S.A. Acquires Moniker and SnapNames from

KeyDrive S.A., an internet solutions holding company with subsidiaries providing domain registration, monetization and aftermarket services, announced today that it has acquired the Moniker and SnapNames business units of, a leader in online performance marketing. - February 05, 2012

Key-Systems to Operate Registry System for TLD .dm

The DotDM Corporation, the official administrator for the top-level domain (TLD) of the Eastern Caribbean’s Commonwealth of Dominica .dm has partnered with German domain expert Key-Systems to provide a state-of-the-art registry platform. - December 21, 2011

VMware vCloud™ Hosting New at SKYWAY DataCenter

SKYWAY DataCenter is now offering the new VMware vCloud™ hosting service. The partnership with VMware enables SKYWAY to deliver efficient and cost-effective vCloud hosting without losing control over information security. To celebrate the start of the new service SKYWAY offers a limited amount of 30-day free trial accounts for interested customers. - September 11, 2011

Key-Systems Joins the Worldwide IPv6 Day

With its retail customer portal (dd24) and the reseller portal the international domain registrar Key-Systems takes part in the “World IPv6 Day” by Internet Society (ISOC): On June 8, providers, website operators and internet users worldwide will test IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) for 24 hours. All new customers subscribing to dd24 on this day and using IPv6 will get a customer account with a 10 per cent discount on all domain registrations. - June 03, 2011

Key-Systems Appointed as .XXX Registrar

The international domain registrar Key-Systems is one of the first registrars accredited for the new top-level domain .XXX. .XXX is a new sponsored top-level domain (sTLD), specifically designed for the global online adult entertainment industry. Key-Systems is already accepting pre-registrations for all phases of the .XXX launch on its three domain portals. - May 08, 2011

Key-Systems Provides Registry System for Vietnamese IDNs

The newly available Vietnamese Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are powered by Key-Systems’ KSregistry system. KSregistry provides the registration and management platform for Dot VN, the company managing the Vietnamese IDNs. Open registration for the .VN IDNs started with a launch celebration in Hanoi on April 28. Within 30 hours after the start of open registration, the number of registrations exceeded the mark of 30,000. - May 01, 2011

Start of .SO General Availability with Key-Systems

The General Availability (GA) phase for .SO, the top-level domain (TLD) of the Republic Somalia, will start on April 1, 2011. During GA, anyone interested may register .SO domains following the “first come, first served” principle. Key-Systems is accepting pre-registrations shortly before the start of General Availability. - March 30, 2011

Key-Systems with 16 New Domain Extensions

Since the beginning of 2011, the domain registrar Key-Systems has introduced 16 new second-level and top-level domain extensions on its three domain portals. The extensions belong to the name spaces of .PRO (“professional“), .MS (Montserrat) and .CL (Chile). All together, Key-Systems now offers the fully automated registration of more than 280 domain extensions for retail customers, resellers and trademark owners. - March 25, 2011

Key-Systems at WorldHostingDays 2011

Starting tomorrow, the German internet company Key-Systems presents their services at the WorldHostingDays (WHD) 2011 in Rust (booth no. 53). - March 23, 2011

Key-Systems Breaks Mark of 3 Million Domains

Just in time for CeBIT, the registrar Key-Systems last week broke the mark of three million domains. For more than ten years, Key-Systems is managing domains for their customers – currently more than 70,000 retail / corporate customers and resellers around the world. “” was the domain which exceeded the magic limit of three million domains. At CeBIT exhibition in Hanover, Key-Systems currently presents its six business areas at the joint booth of the federal state Saarland. - March 04, 2011

Key-Systems at CeBIT Exhibition 2011

New domain extensions such as .COMPANY or .BRAND as well as generic and geographical extensions such as .SPORT or .BERLIN will change the Internet in the near future. This “revolution of namespaces” is a main focus of Key-Systems’ presence at CeBIT 2011. - March 03, 2011

.SO Landrush with Key-Systems

The Landrush phase for .SO, the top-level domain (TLD) of the Republic Somalia, will start on January 17, 2011. During Landrush, anyone interested may register .SO domains before they become generally available following the “first come, first served” principle on April 1, 2011. Key-Systems is already accepting pre-registrations for all .SO launch phases since October 2010. In addition to .SO, three other domain extensions are available: .COM.SO, .NET.SO and .ORG.SO. - January 13, 2011

domaindiscount24 Celebrates Christmas Season

The domain portal domaindiscount24 (dd24) has started to focus on the Christmas theme. The dd24 advent calendar makes the wait until Christmas Day a little bit shorter: “Christmas specials every day!” is the motto. - December 09, 2010

19 New Domain Extensions on Key-Systems' Domain Portals

Since October 2010, the registrar Key-Systems has launched 19 new second-level (SLDs) and top-level-domains (TLDs) on its three domain portals. The extensions belong to the following namespaces: .SO (Somalia), .NO (Norway) and .GL (Greenland) as well as the extensions .BR (Brazil), .NF (Oceania),... - November 26, 2010

Key-Systems Accepts .SO Pre-Applications

.SO, the top-level domain (TLD) of the Republic Somalia will be launched starting November 1 with a Sunrise period for trademark holders. Key-Systems will accept pre-registrations for all launch phases, starting a week before on October 25. In addition to .SO, three other domain extensions will become available: .COM.SO, which aims especially at commercial entities, .NET.SO for networks and .ORG.SO for non-profit organizations. - October 23, 2010

Key-Systems is an ICANN Accredited Registrar for 10 Years

The internet and domain provider Key-Systems can look back on ten successful years as a registrar for domain names with generic extensions such as .COM, .NET and .ORG. Key-Systems is German based and runs an US subsidiary in Leesburg, VA. In October 2000 – just after the liberalization of the international domain extensions – Key-Systems was accepted by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as an official registrar. - October 20, 2010

Positive Feedback of Reseller Customers for RRPproxy

An opinion survey asking 300 customer representatives has detected their solid relationship with Key-Systems’ domain portal The study focused on the mechanisms of domain marketing and sales between reseller and registrar. 63 per cent of the respondents were the respective business owners. - September 26, 2010

19 New Domain Extensions on Key-Systems‘ Automated Domain Portals

The registrar Key-Systems extended its offering with 19 new domain extensions in August: In addition to .VN and twelve corresponding second-level domains (SLDs), the zones .AF (Afghanistan) with .COM.AF, .ORG.AF and .NET.AF were added, as well as the extensions .COM.FR (France) and .ORG.UZ (Uzbekistan). Customers can choose their desired domain names from a broad portfolio of domain extensions on Key-Systems’ three domain portals. - September 10, 2010

Key-Systems Successfully Completes .CO Launch

During the final stage of the .CO launch yesterday, the domain registrar Key-Systems could secure about two thirds of the pre-ordered domain names for its customers. From now on, anyone can register his desired .CO domains following the "first come, first served" principle. - July 23, 2010

.CO Domain Names Now Generally Available

Everyone who acts fast and uses a reliable registrar, is best prepared to save his desired .CO (Colombia) domain, starting July 20. During the so called “General Availability” (GA), .CO domain names are allocated following the “first come, first served” principle. Thus, the application to arrive first at the registry will be successful. As fifth phase, the GA finalizes the launch of .CO second-level domains, which started in March. - July 18, 2010

Key-Systems Celebrates Grand Opening of Company Building

With around 130 political, society and domain in-dustry guests, the registrar Key-Systems has inaugurated its new headquarters in St. Ingbert on last Thursday. In the middle of July, the company will move from Zweibrücken to the new location with 44 employees. - July 01, 2010

Key-Systems at ICANN Meeting in Brussels

On the current meeting of the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in Brussels, representatives of the domain registrar Key-Systems actively join the debates on the current issues of the Internet business. Among these issues are especially the implementation of internationalized top-level domains (TLDs) and the introduction of new generic TLDs. - June 25, 2010

.CO Domain Names Now Available for the General Public

As the .CO Landrush started on Monday, now everyone may register domain names under the top-level domain (TLD) .CO. Since April 2010, the domain registrar Key-Systems offers Landrush pre-registrations via its end customer domain portal and the reseller portal RRPproxy. Pre-registrations for the subsequent phase are also possible since then. During this so-called “General Availability” the “first come, first-served” principle will apply. - June 23, 2010

New Domain Extensions at Key-Systems: .DK, .CO.ZA and .CO.NL

The international domain provider Key-Systems again extended its portfolio of domain extensions for the registration of internet addresses: Newly added were the top-level domain .DK (Denmark) as well as the second-level extensions .CO.ZA (South Africa) and .CO.NL (Netherlands). Including these extensions, the registrar has added 19 new second-level and top-level domains to its portfolio since January 2010. - June 18, 2010

Key-Systems with New Web Site

The web site of the international domain registrar Key-Systems now has a completely new appearance. The comprehensive relaunch includes functional improvements as well as a renewal of the web design. In addition to general information about the company and its products, integrates various current news. Web site visitors can access information material about the registrar as well as news of the domain business by clicking the links under the new tabs “News” and “Press.” - June 02, 2010

.CO Launch: Key-Systems is Technical Partner of Accredited Registrar Mi.Com.Co

The international domain registrar Key-Systems and Mi.Com.Co, one of the ten accredited regi-strars for the Colombian top-level domain (TLD) .CO, have entered a strategic partnership for the registration of domains in the .CO name space. Key-Systems technically supports Mi.Com.Co in the launch of .CO domain names. Currently, trademark owners worldwide can register their brands as domain names under .CO in the so-called “Sunrise B” period. - May 13, 2010

Key-Systems Extends Partnership with Thomsen Trampedach

The international domain registrar Key-Systems extends its business in the field of consulting and corporate domain name management with an investment in the Swiss based firm Thomsen Trampedach. A long standing partnership connects the two companies: as consulting partner of Key-Systems' corporate domain portal, Thomsen Trampedach assists corporate clients in achieving a secure and cost-effective management of large domain portfolios and the best protection & positioning online. - May 07, 2010

Key-Systems Invests in Software Specialist Avarteq

Since its foundation in October 2008, the software developer Avarteq is continuously growing. From the beginning on, the international domain registrar Key-Systems has held a share in the company located in Saarbrücken, Saarland). Meanwhile, Avarteq quintupled the number of large development projects. Last November, the firm therefore founded a second subsidiary in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, to support their clients even better. - April 30, 2010

Reseller Portal Now Available in Spanish

With a new Spanish version of the reseller portal, the domain registrar Key-Systems undermines its international business focus. The combination of a Spanish RRPproxy web site, web interface and support offers the Spanish speaking customers a one-stop shop for domain registration and management. The Spanish version of Key-Systems' domain portal for resellers shall especially support the expansion on the Latin American market. - April 17, 2010

Key-Systems Begins New Offering in .CO Name Space

In line with the allocation of internet addresses of the top-level domain .CO, the domain registrar Key-Systems now extends its domain offering with the third-level domains .COM.CO, .NET.CO and .NOM.CO. Furthermore, Key-Systems assists owners of Colombian trademarks in applying for their second-level .CO domain names at the registry during the current “Sunrise A” phase. In addition, reservations for all other phases of the .CO launch are already possible through Key-Systems. - April 15, 2010

Domain Portal domaindiscount24 Now with Turkish Version (dd24), the end customer portal of the international domain registrar Key-Systems now has a Turkish version of its web site. Thus, more than 1.7 million people, who are Turkish or of Turkish origin, for the first time can purchase internet services such as domain registration and web hosting in Turkish language using a German provider. - April 09, 2010

Key-Systems Takes Over Majority of Polish Domain Registrar

With the majority share in the company, the international domain registrar Key-Systems strengthens its presence on the Eastern European market. Key-Systems CEO Alexander Siffrin and the executives Albert Jerka and Andrzej Kostrzewa signed a respective agreement last week in Berlin. This investment is the third step in Key-Systems' further internationalization after the foundation of subsidiaries in the USA and Mexico. - April 09, 2010

ICANN Meeting in Nairobi: Key-Systems Visits German Embassy

On the occasion of a reception in the German embassy in Nairobi, the German ambassador to Kenya, Margit Hellwig-Bötte, welcomed attendants of the 37th meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in Nairobi. Among the guests were the CEO and COO of the German domain registrar Key-Systems. Ambassador Hellwig-Bötte appreciated the presence of the ICANN members in Kenya and marked it as an important sign against the anxiety, which had arisen in advance to the meeting. - March 12, 2010

New Look and Feel on the Web Site

With a new design, new structure and new content, the internationally operating domain registrar Key-Systems has updated the online presence of its reseller portal The web site now showcases a fresh, modern layout as well as a clean arrangement. - March 04, 2010

Registrar Key-Systems Takes Part in .CO Introduction

The country code top-level domain (ccTLD) .CO of Colombia is operated by a new registry called Cointernet ( since February. Cointernet has released a detailed plan for the release of .CO second-level domains. Previously only third-level internet addresses with endings like .COM.CO or .NET.CO could be registered. Owners of such domains can now exclusively save their corresponding .CO domains beginning in March. - February 25, 2010

Key-Systems Implements Four New Top-Level Domains in February

The registrar Key-Systems has extended its offering of already more than 200 domain extensions by adding in February four new top-level domains (TLDs): .CA, .MG, .UZ and .RE. .CA is the country-code domain ending for Canada, .MG stands for Madagascar, .UZ for Uzbekistan. The ending .RE indicates the island Réunion (french: Île de la Réunion) belonging to France. - February 25, 2010

New RRPproxy Portal Integrates Additional Features for Domain Resellers

With a new structure, a revised design and extended features the internationally operating domain registrar Key-Systems has optimized the usability of its reseller portal Along with the relaunch, new features for a higher ease of use and faster processes were integrated in the RRPproxy web client. The former web interface will be simultaneously online until April 2010. - February 18, 2010

Key-Systems Supports Project for the Introduction of dotMadrid

On the verge of the 10th conference of the ICANN Studienkreis, the domain specialist Key-Systems announced that it, together with the international law office Estudio Juridico Serrano Internacional (EJSI) and the Spanish Internet Service Provider Dinamiq SL, will drive the implementation of an Internet namespace for the Spanish capital Madrid. The ICANN Studienkreis on the topic “Internet Governance & Domain Names: New Market Opportunities” took place in Barecelona. - January 29, 2010

Key-Systems with DNWorker at Domainfest in L.A.

Domain registrar Key-Systems is presenting the new domainer software DNWorker at the international conference Domainfest in Los Angeles by offering exclusive trial access tickets. The DNWorker is the first product of DevKey Domainmanagement Solutions UG (haftungsbeschränkt), a Joint Venture of Dev-Unity and Key-Systems GmbH. - January 29, 2010

New Director of Business Development at Key-Systems

Sales expert Jochen Kieler strengthens the team of the internationally operating domain registrar Key-Systems GmbH, starting today. With the experience and expertise of more than ten years in the domain and internet business Kieler will further push the international growth of Key-Systems. - January 20, 2010

Key-Systems Expands Its Product Offering with vServers

Depositing files, providing websites, processing emails, organizing nameservers – all of these activities require servers. The domain registrar Key-Systems now offers compact vServer solutions for these needs via its end customer portal and its reseller portal While customers of classical hosting use the software on the provider's system, vServers allow a higher degree of customization. - January 14, 2010

Israel's .CO.IL and .ORG.IL Are Key-Systems' Latest Offer

The domain registrar Key-Systems is continuously expanding its domain portfolio. After the company simultaneously introduced seven new top-level domains (TLDs) in November 2009, .CO.IL and .ORG.IL are now being added to the Key-Systems offering. Through the end customer portal domaindiscount24 and RRPproxy, the reseller portal, clients can now register these two country code second-level domains (SLDs) for Israel. - January 13, 2010

Further Internationalization: Key-Systems Establishes Office in Mexico

The domain registrar Key-Systems intensifies its international presence with a new subsidiary in Monterrey. The office in Mexico primarily focuses on support functions and shall assist in developing relationships in the Latin American market. - November 26, 2009

.COM.BR Domains Now Available on Domaindiscount24

The Brazilian domain .COM.BR is now available on the portal (dd24) .COM.BR stands for commercial offers in and for Brazil (.BR). It is the most frequently used country code domain ending of Brazil and represents one of the largest ccTLD name spaces in the world. - August 26, 2009

Key-Systems Invests in Software Specialist DevKey

With the new joint venture the domain registrar will extend its product range and launch services dedicated to domainers. - July 23, 2009

New .Asia Promotion on domaindiscount24

The end-customer portal of Key-Systems has launched a new give-away promotion: with every .Asia domain name purchased for two years customers receive a free 2GB mini USB memory stick. 'Asia is a powerful part of the global commercial, political and cultural network. A .Asia Internet address... - July 16, 2009

Key-Systems is the First Accredited Registrar for .PE Using EPP

The German domain registrar Key-Systems has just launched the South American ccTLD .PE via the Extensible Provisioning Protocol. - June 24, 2009

Key-Systems with New US Branch

Key-Systems GmbH is pleased to announce the hiring of Bonnie Wittenburg as the new Executive Vice President of Key-Systems USA, Inc. The newly founded US subsidiary of Key-Systems is based in Virginia in the Washington Metro area. - May 07, 2009

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