Celebrates Freedom with Tales from Brian Hanson Appleton and Poetry by Paul Kloschinsky showcases its choice book and author, with reflections on the rich Iranian culture from author Brian Hanson Appleton and a comfort from life’s complexities from author Paul Kloschinsky.

Fitchburg, WI, July 16, 2009 --( celebrates freedom by featuring one of its finest book and author. It’s going to be a good read for everyone. The featured book is SIMPLICITY: A Poetic Inquiry Into Truth by author Paul Kloschinsky, while the featured author is peace and women’s advocate Brian Hanson Appleton who is also known as Rasool Aryadust.

Author Paul Kloschinsky writes anthology of poems that provides a distinctive touch on life’s everyday struggles. Kloschinsky’s personal poetry collection comprises three volumes. His third book SIMPLICITY: A Poetic Inquiry Into Truth delves with the truth and philosophy of life. It is in this book that Kloschinsky had a masterful and sincere take on spiritual and philosophical concerns including love, joy, and faith. It warms the heart and quenches the soul. SIMPLICITY: A Poetic Inquiry Into Truth is another piece of proof on victory over life’s challenges.

SIMPLICITY: A Poetic Inquiry Into Truth, is a product of Paul Kloschinsky’s search for comfort and compassion from his life’s challenging journey. His courage and dedication amidst harsh realities served as an inspiration to every reader that has read his books.

Featured author Brian Hanson Appleton is an American whose political stand is focused on reconciliation between Iran and USA. Appleton has been held hostage in Iran during the 1970’s. But despite of the incident, he still admires Iran’s rich and complicated culture. He is on fire with advocacies on peace and women’s rights. Appleton is a columnist for CASMII (Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Invasion of Iran) and a proud member of the Feminine Majority and of NOW (National Organization for Women's Rights.).

Appleton has written Tales of Zirzameen. In his book, he has vividly reflected on his experiences during his stay in Iran. His aim is to inculcate to readers, the beauty, complexity, and the richness of the Iranian culture. Contrary to what is happening on the current events between Iran and the United States, the writings of Appleton are not biased.

Appleton’s rich and unforgettable visits in Iran can be viewed at

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