Caliglimmers Hair Tinsel Supporting Team Colors for ASAUSA Softball Team

2010 world cup of softball in Oklahoma City is going on right now. The USA team is being sponsored by Caliglimmers hair tinsel.

Oklahoma City, OK, July 26, 2010 --( The new trend in hair tinsel has made its way into the women’s softball leagues. Team USA will be featured on ESPN and ESPN2 for the next week. Some of the girls had contacted Caliglimmers wondering if Caliglimmers would be interested in sponsoring Team USA. Caliglimmers were happy to sponsor the team and supply them with hair tinsel. Team USA were sent red, white (silver) and blue to support the national colors along with some of the more popular colors, sparkling rainbow and black.

In last night's game against Japan, there was some sparkling red in Monica Abbott’s hair who was pitching at the time. The look is very subtle on TV with the sparkle hair tinsel in her hair. "The hair tinsel is just what these girls were looking for," said Vicki Galindo. Softball teams have always supported some type of hair bling from hair ties to head bands with team colors. The shimmers are easy, they can leave the tinsel in their hair and still wash, comb, blow dry and even use styling tools. The tinsel can last from 2 to 6 weeks in ladies' hair, and is a great alternative to using permanent dyes. Being able to add a different color for each game because it is so easy and quick to change the hair tinsel to another color.

The new shimmer called 3D glimmers are made out of a thin poly strand, as thin as a hair. The new poly strands have a holographic look to the tinsel that give a dramatic sparkle and color when applied to ladies hair. The knot to attach the shimmer to the hair is a simple slip knot. Some ladies can tie them into their own hair with a mirror (this takes a lot of practice). It is best to have a friend tie hair tinsel into your hair. Use hair tinsel to change hair color every week. Tinsels are great for kids too. No harmful coloring dyes applied to the hair. Women can add color and sparkle to their hair for team colors, proms, cheerleading, dance performances, parties, weddings and just about any occasion to accent their hair a little or a lot.

The new product hair tinsel is sweeping the country. Some ladies may have seen some in their own town. Most salons in many areas of the United States are carrying the hair tinsel now. Ladies can buy it online and tie them in; there are plenty of instructions and videos on the web.

Be watching in the next week to see what colors the team will be wearing in their hair. Want to see more colors of hair tinsel, go to Caliglimmers.

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Linda Kornelson