Author Steve Leshin to Launch His Newest Crime Novel "Murder by the Numbers" July 11, 2022

The newest Joshua Oates Adventure makes its debut July 11 on Amazon's paperback bookstore and Kindle e-bookstore. Leshin's 5th entry is a crime noir, historical fiction tale that takes place in 1921 New York City. Bat Masterson, Damon Runyon, and Boxing Champion Jack Dempsey play key roles in the adventure. - July 08, 2022

V.M.Publishing Announces Release of New Steve Leshin Thriller "A Darker Shade of Greed"

Rip-roaring tale of the Twenties. Now in ebook and paperback, simply put "A Darker Shade of Greed" is "loads of fun" - Goodreads review. - July 25, 2020

Steve Leshin Announces Release of New Thriller "Target of Fear: A Joshua Oates Adventure"

Set in Boston and New York in the year 1919, former police captain Joshua Oates, a veteran of the Great War, begins a new life as a private investigator despite excess drinking and horrible nightmares from the war. A new case leads to murder, kidnapping, and revenge. Now for sale on - June 06, 2018

Steve Leshin Announces Release of His New Book "Vengeance of the Ripper" on

The historical fiction book offers new theories about the identity of Jack The Ripper, involving Wyatt Earp, the royal family, and President Theodore Roosevelt. - July 21, 2009

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