South Dakota: Rapid City News Creates the “Jenna Jameson Endorses Hillary Clinton” Story with Its Groundbreaking Jenna Jameson Interview Creates the “Jenna Jameson Endorses Hillary Clinton” Story with Its Groundbreaking Jenna Jameson Interview’s interview with Jenna Jameson creates nationwide headlines and late-night television material. - May 21, 2007 -

Shipping Sidekick v2.0 Released Featuring Free Shipping Rate Comparison

Shipping Sidekick v2.0, featuring free side-by-side comparison of USPS and DHL shipping rates and transit times as well as those of FedEx and UPS for paid users, is now available at When sending a package, users simply enter the destination and package information to quickly and easily retrieve the published shipping rate and delivery time of each shipping company allowing the user to choose the shipper with the best price for the delivery time needed. - May 11, 2007 - Webplus, Inc.

Webplus, Inc. Announces Turnkey Online Store and Ecommerce Web Hosting

Webplus, Inc. is now offering an affordable and easy to use solution to those who wish to sell online. The combination of robust Web+Shop shopping cart software, US-based secure web hosting, and full support make this turnkey ecommerce package the easiest and most cost-effective way to sell online. - May 04, 2007 - Webplus, Inc.

Nation’s Leading Travel Magazine expands to the Black Hills

America’s most popular travel magazine, Travelhost, has expanded their family of magazines to include the Black Hills of South Dakota. The 37-year old company currently publishes magazines in more than 150 markets across the United States. The glossy 56-page Black Hills edition will... - September 05, 2006 - Travelhost of the Black Hills

"Carbon," More than an Element

Bill Bishop, in full command of his extraordinary vision and of his uncanny understanding of both the social and physical sciences, has created a strikingly original universe literally from its inside out. Covering a sweeping historical panorama from the origins of life and the early dawn of evolution to the very boundaries of humankind’s cosmic destiny, "Carbon" binds readers to it fast paced plot with a unique alchemy of humor, mystery and suspense. - June 26, 2006 - Outskirts Press, Inc. Interviews Marvel Comics Icon Stan Lee Interviews Marvel Comics Icon Stan Lee Senior Editor, Allison Kugel, interviews legendary comic book icon Stan Lee about his life, his career and his new company POW! Entertainment. - March 17, 2006 -

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