New Book from Transaction Publishers May Connect the Dots and Examine the Myths and Realities of Our Government Policies and Programs

Piscataway, NJ, August 15, 2008 --( Contrary to much rhetoric, author Peggy Wireman argues that America does not suffer from a loss of family values, but from a shift in business practices and public commitments. In her new book, Connecting the Dots, Wireman shows how millions of Americans face significant challenges as they conduct their everyday responsibilities of earning an income, feeding their families, maintaining their health, finding housing, handling everyday household chores, and caring for their children. Besides identifying top-down structures, laws and attitudes that create a supportive context for family life, Connecting the Dots includes bottom-up anecdotal examples to ground its policy-oriented discussion. It also provides statistical data needed to develop realistic solutions. Wireman provides a framework for policymakers, local community leaders, and neighborhood activists to use in analyzing their situations and selecting the best approach; she also describes what various players must do to uphold the American dream.

“. . .an important, insightful, and provocative book that provides a clear blueprint for building stronger communities and families.”—Mark R. Rank, Herbert S. Hadley Professor of Social Welfare, Washington University of St. Louis

“[C]lears social myths from the path leading to policy strategies that would put the American dream within everyone’s reach.”—Barbara Lawton, lieutenant governor of Wisconsin

About the author:
Peggy Wireman is a freelance consultant in community and economic development. She has extensive experience in the executive branch of the federal government in both Democratic and Republican administrations and served as an American Political Science Congressional Fellow. She holds a Ph.D. in sociology and certification from the American Institute of Certified Planners. She is the author of Alice in Bushland: Fact and Fantasy in the Bush Administration, Urban Neighborhoods, Networks, and Families: New forms for Old Values, and Partnerships for Prosperity: Museums and Economic Development.

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