Transaction Publishers Appoints a New Criminology and Criminal Justice Book Series Editor

Transaction Publishers, an independent publisher of social science books, announces the appointment of Jeffrey Ian Ross as the new editor of the Criminology and Criminal Justice Research book series. Professor Ross plans to expand the series in the near future. The Transaction Criminology and... - March 02, 2013

Transaction Publishers Establishes Journalism Book Series

Transaction Publishers, a major independent publisher of social science books, is establishing a new book and eBook series about journalism under the editorship of Professor David Sachsman of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The Transaction Journalism series concentrates on the... - January 23, 2013

Transaction Publishers Appoints New Editor for Organization and Business Series

Transaction Publishers, a major independent publisher of social science books, announces the appointment of Professor David Shulman of Lafayette College as the new editor of the Organization and Business book series. Professor Shulman plans to expand the series with a forthcoming edition expected... - December 01, 2012

Transaction Publishers Appoints a New American Presidents Series Editor

Transaction Publishers, a major independent publisher of social science books, announces the appointment of Professor Thomas S. Langston as the new editor of the American Presidents book series. Prof. Langston plans to expand the series with a forthcoming edition expected for publication in... - November 07, 2012

Transaction Publishers Appoints New Asian Studies Series Editors

Transaction Publishers, a major independent publisher of social science books, announces the appointment of Professors Ching-I Tu and Dietrich Tschanz as the new editors of the Asian Studies book series. The editors plan to expand the series with a forthcoming edition expected for publication in... - October 19, 2012

Transaction Publishers Joins the Espresso Book Machine Network

Transaction Publishers, a major independent publisher of social science books, makes more than 1,400 of its titles available via the Espresso Book Machine’s “digital-to-print at retail (DPR)” sales channel. - July 13, 2012

Transaction Publishers Celebrates Its Golden Anniversary

Company Gives Away Books, NOOKs, and Gifts to Celebrate 50 Years in Publishing. - May 20, 2012

Irving Louis Horowitz, Founder of Transaction Publishers, Dies at 82

Irving Louis Horowitz, Hannah Arendt Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Political Science at Rutgers University, and founder of Transaction Publishers, passed away in Princeton, New Jersey, on March 21, 2012. - March 23, 2012

Transaction Publishers Distributes Titles from Rutgers' Center for Urban Policy Research

Transaction Publishers will now distribute titles from the Center for Urban Policy Research (CUPR) of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University. - July 17, 2011

Authors Launch Book Appearances in Washington D.C. Area This Spring

Authors, Stephen Hess and Sandy Northrop will launch the release of their new book, American Political Cartoons: The Evolution of a National Identity (Transaction, 2010) at multiple events in the Washington, D.C. area. The authors will present their book at the National Archives and Newseum this... - March 04, 2011

Transaction Adds Major European Publisher to Its Distribution Group

Effective February 1, 2011, Transaction Publishers will distribute books published by The Netherlands Institute for Social Research in all parts of the world except The Netherlands and Belgium. Founded in 1973, The Netherlands Institute for Social Research has supplied information and on the daily... - February 12, 2011

Transaction eBooks Are Now Available as Google eBooks

The wait is over. Transaction eBooks are now available as Google eBooks. Readers can buy directly from Google, online retailers, even independent bookstores. You may download the books, or Google will maintain your Google eBook collection as your personal online digital library. Once the purchase... - December 10, 2010

Book Launch Event at Indiana-Purdue University

Self, Attitudes, and Emotion Work: Western Social Psychology and Eastern Zen Buddhism Confront Each Other (Transaction Publishers, 2010) authors, Anson Shupe and Christopher Bradley will kick off their new book at a "book signing and dialogue." - October 03, 2010

Express Book Freight is at the Annual Book Expo America This Week

Visit Express Book Freight (EBF) at booth 4740 to learn about freight forwarding and why publishers should use EBF instead of other freight forwarders. - May 26, 2010

Author of HAITI Book to Speak in Pittsburgh, PA About Life in Haiti After the Earthquake

Priest and doctor Richard Frechette ministers to the sick and orphaned in Haiti. He will speak about his experiences at the St. Paul of the Cross monastery church in Pittsburgh, PA May 1, 2, and 4. - May 01, 2010

Transaction Books About the Holocaust – Never Forget

Celebrating Holocaust Remembrance Week - April 14, 2010

Transaction Publishers Supports Haiti Relief Efforts as Richard Frechette’s New Book Nears

The quake that struck Haiti has not only flawed the country but also sparked nationwide humanitarianism and hope for this Caribbean island. Transaction Publishers is also donating its efforts to help rebuild Haiti. - January 30, 2010

Palestinians’ Role in the Holocaust is Now Revealed in the Paperback Version of Icon of Evil

Now in paperback, with a new introduction by Alan Dershowtiz, Icon of Evil [Transaction, 2009] refutes Ahmadinejad's speech at Columbia University where he claimed the Palestinian people and leaders had absolutely nothing to do with the Holocaust. - November 27, 2009

Jewish Intermarriages Around the World are Analyzed in a New Book from Transaction Publishers

Most research on intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews focuses on the United States. Jewish Intermarriage Around the World examines countries with smaller Jewish populations to understand countries with larger Jewish populations. This volume focuses on marriage patterns in thirteen different... - September 28, 2009

Author Anaylzes the Liberalization of China New Book from Transaction Publishers

In China's Long March to Freedom (Transaction, 2009) by Kate Zhou provides insight on the liberalization of China. - September 23, 2009

Transaction Publishers Announces, Cold War in the Congo by Frank Villafaña

It is widely acknowledged that Congo became an East-West battlefield during the first half of the decade in the 1960s, yet the participation of Cuban exiles in the struggles is rarely noted. In this absorbing volume Villafaña details the contribution made by Cuban exiles to the preservation... - September 19, 2009

Transaction Publishers Announces a New Book Which Unveils the Effects of the Armenian Genocide

A Perfect Injustice (Transaction Publishers, 2009) unearths new incriminating evidence about a long-censored mass murder and theft which occurred in Armenia. - September 17, 2009

Transaction Publishers Distributes E-books Through ebrary

Transaction Publishers provides their E-books to ebrary. ebrary offers more than 170,000 digital books, handbooks, reports, maps, journals and other valuable content from over 350 of the world’s leading publishers. - August 13, 2009

As Judge Sotomayor Responds to Constitutional Issues Like Abortion, the Consequences of These Acts Are Examined in a New Book from Transaction Publishers

". . .Slack has given us a lucid but disturbing account of the public philosophy in America which condones abortion and capital punishment. . ."—Don C. Menzel, president, Ethics Management International - July 17, 2009

Anne Hendershott's, Status Envy Evaluates the Politics of Catholic Higher Education

Transaction Publishers releases a new title by Anne Hendershott called Status Envy. This book argues that the secularization process occurring on many campuses is not the "natural" byproduct of modernization, but rather, the result of those seeking control over the culture and curriculum of Catholic colleges and universities. - February 12, 2009

A New Book from Transaction Publishers Explores Democratization of Violent Muslim Movements

As India and the world recover from images of the recent terrorist assaults on Mumbai, questions arise about who is responsible as well as the attacks’ consequences. No one is better equipped to answer these questions than David L. Phillips. In his just-published book, From Bullets to Ballots... - December 19, 2008

John Taylor's, Into the Heart of European Poetry Unveils the Major Trends of Contemporary European Writing

"This is critical writing that is satisfying at every single level." —Richard Goodman, author of The Soul of Creative Writing [Transaction] ". . . Taylor’s short pieces on a huge range of writers are the literary equivalent of a superb travel guide."—John... - November 07, 2008

Transaction Publishers Releases a New Book on How Jewish Political Power Exists as a Separate Agency in the American Polity

Henry Feingold's, Jewish Power in America addresses larger questions of how minority groups influence politics in general (e.g., the Irish in New York, Cubans in Florida). - November 07, 2008

New Book from Transaction Publishers May Connect the Dots and Examine the Myths and Realities of Our Government Policies and Programs

Contrary to much rhetoric, author Peggy Wireman argues that America does not suffer from a loss of family values, but from a shift in business practices and public commitments. In her new book, Connecting the Dots, Wireman shows how millions of Americans face significant challenges as they conduct... - August 15, 2008

Transaction Publishers Announces New Book That Analyzes Science, Logic and Irrational Beliefs Systems

Why do people accept ideas that science or logic contradict? In Implausible Beliefs, Allan Mazur offers a comparative look at the nature of irrational belief systems, their social roots and their cultural and political impact. He provides standards for judging implausible beliefs and assesses the... - April 16, 2008

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