State Of The Art TV One on One Exclusive Live Blackwell Interview on August 27

Blackwell Live Interview on State Of The Art on TV Channel 11

New York, NY, August 17, 2008 --( It’s only appropriate to hear something right from the new from hip-hop chart climber Blackwell, and this month the State Of The Art television show’s got him - in an exclusive interview with Channel 11 State Of The Art TV host Lois Digiacomo that premieres Wednesday, August 11 that airs at 7:30 PM (ET). State of the Art is on Channel 11 in Canton, Ohio.

This free formed live interview with one of the top Indy hip-hop stars will shed the personal look at the somber and light-hearted sides of Blackwell. Digiacomo and Blackwell plan to cover topics ranging from his unique style of hip-hop music, television and motion picture career, his relationship with his family, relationships, what he stands for personally and his passion for his music.

Blackwell just played live at Kent State’s Summer Festival last weekend and Blackwell plays New York City on September 12th.The television interview and live performances are in support of the new Sunset Urban Records CD, Heartbreak. “Blackwell is a dream artist,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset. “He gives you so much to work every week and his music is accessible to a lot of people.” The first single, "Tha Way U" is being worked to major radio. “We are not only working that song to radio, we also started to work “Lost But Found” in the record pools to see what the response is in clubs,” Lichterman says about the Heartbreak CD.

Not only is Blackwell doing great at radio around the world, he has also been written up in many publications online and in print. The label will continue to work on getting more key bookings for Blackwell to –play live and to do special interviews on TV and radio. Blackwell was also featured on The Hip Hop Spotlight Radio Show with DJ hosts Suga Shan and by LadyTwist who is very well known from Egotrip's Miss Rap Supreme on Vh1’s popular reality show hosted by DJ Search (3rd Base).

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