M.G. Hardie Interviewed by Award Winning Talk Show Host George Cook

MG Hardie’s first book EveryDay Life gives readers plenty of music, euphemisms, high-minded ideas, fist bumps, and things to talk about and so does his new interview on LTH. (978-1-60594-036-6), Paperback, 137 pg, $11.95 George Cook is an Award winning Talk Show Host.

Los Angeles, CA, August 19, 2008 --(PR.com)-- MG Hardie has just released a new book "EveryDay Life" and is interviewed on LTH Weekly by award winning talk show host George Cook. EveryDay Life includes honest debates on politics, racism, history, race, war, religion, drugs, and other forms of debauchery. Hardie, through EveryDay Life, manages to drop what is most likely the most potent verse in Hip-Hop history. EveryDay Life is the most important piece of Black Literature since Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the sun” and just as important to hip-hop as Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight.

EveryDay Life steps deep into the heart of African-American thought. EveryDay Life and its real characters will fire up your patriotism and spur your racial pride. EveryDay Life is for everyone who is tired of the Black Harlequins and it is especially for those that believe that hip-hop is dead, so what better place to have an interview than Let’s Talk Honestly? And just as controversial and informative as EveryDay Life is the same applies to M.G Hardie’s compelling interview with host George Cook.

5 Star Book Review "It was an era when hip-hop was the best thing since Martin Luther King-and marijuana was the best way to cope with problems, the hype of the music industry and the pitfalls of possibilities."-From Ghostwriter Literary Reviews.

EveryDay Life begins with an urban setting and two roommates, but then it “Cuts” and “Scratches” its way through the oversexed, honest, verbally charged, and often humorous lives of the "disenfranchised." The reader is treated to a nostalgic romp amidst the graffitied of curse words, gunshots, and police arrests. These four characters openly discuss topics from immigration, taxes, media agendas, slavery, foreign policy, the economy, or just being a black man in America. These surprisingly intelligent characters sound-off on a great many topics including “Whether or not a black man will ever become president of the United States.” EveryDay Life unabashedly asserts that America’s last bastion for truth is-- the ghetto.

“By the middle of the book you get to know the characters because they are real people. This story is gritty, funny, urban and Hip-Hop through and through, anyone who thinks different can go Straight to Voicemail” says Hardie with a smile. And man does Hardie’s unique voice deliver. EveryDay Life provides social commentary, keeps you laughing, and effectively adds Literature as a fifth element to Hip-Hop and does it all with a mean B-Boy stance. MG Hardie's interview will be featured on LetsTalkHonestly.com beginning August 18.

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