How2panama Announces Launch of New Website

A revolutionary new website to hit Panama, offering customers invaluable information, designed to help save time and money.

Panama City, Panama, September 03, 2008 --( An innovative new website has hit Panama. How2Panama believes it has the answer for thousands of individuals seeking objective information on Panama.

Offering a wide range of easy to read e-Books, How2Panama is designed to make individuals life or stay in Panama simpler. With everything from “How to Import a Vehicle to Panama” to “How to Purchase Untitled Property in Panama” to “How to Bring a Pet to Panama”, How2Panama is sure to benefit everyone who visits.

How2Panama is a bold step away from the conventional info guides being sold on the internet, often touted as free gifts when signing up on a website. Founded by 2 Canadians living in Panama, the goal of How2Panama is to provide unbiased data in a simple format. How2Panama offers individuals the facts, which is sometimes difficult to hear.

“How2Panama is about presenting the facts and allowing individuals to make an informed decision.” - Shelley Moore, Co-founder How2Panama.

Many of the tips and lessons within the e-Books have come from others learning the hard way. After trying to get complete information on many of the policies and procedures in Panama it was found to be nearly impossible. Most information was given ‘piece-meal” and required an extreme amount of diligence and deciphering just to understand. "The entire process was exhausting.” claims Dimitri Svolos, co-founder of How2Panama. How2Panama was the solution to sharing this invaluable information and learning’s on Panama with individuals,” Svolos adds.

How2Panama’s growth since inception is a testament to the info-starved market that exists in Panama. Readers are eating it up. With rave reviews to-date and customers claiming to have saved thousands with a simple e-Book costing less than $20, How2Panama is sure to be here for years to come.

How2Panama continues to release new e-Books weekly. Their initial guide “Understanding and Investing in Untitled Land in Panama,” continues to be a best seller and the launch of their latest e-book “How to Purchase or Sell a Vehicle in Panama,” is expected to exceed initial forecast.

How2Panama welcomes you to visit their website for more information.

Shelley Moore