The Vienna Verticals: tripwolf Reports Live the First-Ever Challenging Climb of the Hunza Peak

tripwolf users can follow the progress though photos, videos, audio recording and texts on

New York, NY, September 05, 2008 --( An exciting adventure and athletic thrill awaits tripwolf ( users on the website over the next coming weeks.

Three Viennese climbers, Harry Grün, Klaus Bonazza and Jakob Karner, known as the Vienna Verticals, will climb the 20,570 feet high Hunza Peak, in the Karakoram region of Pakistan. This is the first time anyone has ever attempted to mount the peak. The climbers will report live from the mountain on

The climb will take place along the 4000 feet high vertical southern wall. This “Big Wall” will be the home to the climbers for three weeks.

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The project, which experts consider one of the most ambitious alpine challenges of recent times, will be documented daily by the climbers via photos, videos, audio recordings and texts. Live-Chats with the “Vienna Verticals” are also planned. This report is made possible by the most modern communication technology available.

Surviving in the Hunza Peak:
The three athletes have extraordinary plans: They are aiming to reach the Hunza Peak within approximately five weeks, during which they will have climbed the 4000 feet high “Big Wall.” A 31 x 75 inch big platform made of cloth and aluminum that is attached to the wall by a hook will serve as their home. During the high point, below them will be a drop of 3,000 feet.

The climbers will spend three continuous weeks along the wall, without assistance from the outside world. They will carry approximately 440 pounds of essential equipment and supply. All this at a temperature of about -20 Fahrenheit at night and 105 Fahrenheit during the day and the low oxygen levels present at this altitude.

"All that’s not tied to us, will end up 10,000 feet below us in the gab of a glacier," explains Jakon Karner. "At this height the oxygen level is still around 40% of the normal level. Every day, we will climb in completely unknown territory – the bodily and physical challenges will be enormous."

Extreme-vacationers on tripwolf:
tripwolf, the online travel guide of the next generation, went online a few weeks ago. The extensive options that tripwolf offers its users to uniquely present multi-media content to others, are now also being taken advantage of by the Vienna Verticals. Because the content doesn’t always have to be sightseeing or hotel tips, but can also be reports from one of the most dangerous expeditions on earth. At the same time, the climbers have the chance to stay connected with friends and travelers across the globe.

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