July 2008 Statistic Overview Was Published by WorldStat.org

July 2008 statistic overview - world statistical bulletin containing monthly dynamics of the development for 37 countries located on 6 continents, including the largest - USA, Euro countries, China, Russia, India, Canada, Australia, etc. Overview contains monthly statistical data on economic development, dynamics of the prices, financial statistics and international trade for the last half a year.

Smolensk, Russia, September 06, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Monthly Statistical Overviews include the most relevant information accessible in a database. The amount and detail of publications is significantly higher than freely accessible statistical information provided on a network resource WorldStat.org.

The basic part of data are presented in monthly dynamics for the last half a year. The bulletin contains detailed statistics of development of the countries and graphic representation of the most important tendencies.

The data containing in the publication, allow to carry out comparison of actual data of current position and opportunities of perspective development of the countries and world processes in the area of economy, the finance and the international mutual relations.

July 2008 Statistic Overview contains following sections:
1. Economic development. Quarterly dynamics of gross domestic product (GDP) in current and constant prices for the last 1.5 year, GDP value in US dollars and Euro. GDP rate of changes for last quarter and same period last year. Monthly dynamics of industry production (PI), production of total manufacturing, standardized unemployment rate, total retail trade and passenger car registration for the last half year; rate of changes since 2000, for last month and same period last year.

2. Prices dynamics. Monthly dynamics of consumer prices including consumer price index (CPI), prices of food, energy and other items. Dynamics of producer prices in manufacturing products, producer price index (PPI) and share prices.
3. Finance statistics. Statistics of countries financial system, including money aggregates (narrow and broad money), reserve assets, currency exchange rates and short-term, immediate and long-term interest rates, including last month averaged London interbank offered rate (LIBOR).

4. International trade in goods. Monthly dynamics statistical data on international trade in goods, change in export, import and net trade for the last year and month.

5. Brief methodological explanatories on a material containing in overview.
Additional information about Monthly Statistic Overview, order and downloading of the publication is accessible on WorldStat.org

Serhy Moskalev