American Medical Autism Board Launched

Cleveland, OH, September 11, 2008 --( Dr. Phillip C. DeMio, Chairman of the American Medical Autism Board, announced the commencement of the newly founded American Medical Autism Board ( at the US Autism & Asperger Association annual conference this past week in Austin, Texas. “This is the first of its kind board / diplomate certification program for medical doctors specializing in biomedical treatment of autism and related disorders,” explained Dr. DeMio.

“Medical doctors who become certified by the American Medical Autism Board (AMAB) show that they specialize in biomedical treatment of autism spectrum disorders, and will have met the Board’s high levels of criteria for training and experience, and will have passed its rigorous certification examination,” said Dr. DeMio. “The biomedical concept means that autism and the autism spectrum disorders are not primary psychiatric or behavioral disorders, rather they are medical diseases with a biologic basis to their cause and to their ongoing manifestations (such as pain, gastrointestinal problems, and immune dysfunction).”

AMAB board-certified members provide biomedical evaluation and/or treatment to individuals of all ages diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, Asperger’s syndrome, AD/HD, OCD, and PDD’s. Through its credentialing process, AMAB offers both the public and private sectors an avenue for identifying well-qualified professionals trained and experienced in the biomedical assessment and treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

Thousands of families that have an affected child will now have access to certified specialists in biomedical autism treatments; verification that AMAB physicians are up to date on the newest treatments and research; dedication to high quality patient care; and, verification of exceptional knowledge, experience, and skills in their specialty.

About American Medical Autism Board
The American Medical Autism Board® (AMAB) is an independent non-profit incorporated certifying organization. The mission of the American Medical Autism Board is to promote safe, ethical, efficacious medical autism treatment to the public by maintaining high standards for the examination and certification of physicians as autism medical specialists. The mission of AMAB is to contribute to understanding the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of autism spectrum disorders, with the goal of improving the lives of affected individuals and their loved ones.

American Medical Autism Board
Dr. Phillip DeMio