Kaniget Internet Radio Featuring Master of Erotic Rock Flesh Gordon

Kaniget Internet Radio is featuring Flesh Gordon, the Master of Erotic Rock, this week. A rare blend of Goth, Glam Hard Rock and Metal with deep sedutive undertones.

Hollywood, CA, May 11, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Flesh Gordon, "Master of Erotic Rock," a soul-stirring rock artist with a sound and style that grabs you and takes control.  Singer, Songwriter & Guitarist (BMI).

This is Flesh Gordon - please take time to listen to this "NOT TO BE MISSED" showcase of a premier master of seductive music.  Flesh Gordon writes, composes and sings tight cutting edge rock that combines many influences of goth/glam/hardrock and metal all blended together to give a very unique style.To Flesh Gordon songwriting is like painting a picture he creates moods and emotions with the colors of sound. His songwriting allows the listener to go on a dynamic journey of groove filled hooks and sweet sonic melodies. For maximum effect he breaks out with full force when absolutely necessary which works well for this seductive music. The song "Sandy" will grab you and suck you in with its haunting Bowie-esque style vocals and its seductive tones. The atmospheric chug will be milked for all its worth. This music is truly seductive, deep groovin' and refreshingly original. It is straight ahead, riff oriented rock and roll, that is raw, stripped down, and sometimes detuned, with some haunting song lyrics.  These songs rock out, and yet some of them have a dark, somber feel for that entrancing/seducing/hypnotic effect. If you're in the mood for songs that grab you check him out!

Come and join us now and treat yourself to the seductive sounds of Flesh Gordon on Kaniget Internet Radio at http://www.kaniget.com/kanigetradio.html.

The dark Rock band "Kaniget" has opened their Official Website to other artists in a show of support for rising stars. Their launch of Kaniget Internet Radio late last year has been met with great success and many artists being aired, such as Natalie Brown Cassandra Sterling, Shannon Hurley, LeAnna Mosley, Dead Language, Mutant Press, Andrew Handrick, and Charlie Drown. All genres welcome!

Harry Martin