Kaniget is a band.

The Band: Harry Martin (Lead Guitar, Synths, Vocals), Surekha Zwenaju (Bass, Synths, Vocals), Scott (Drums), Bernadette De Joya (Rhythm Guitar).

Genre: Dark Rock.

Copyright information: All music by Kaniget © 2004, 2005 by Harry Martin Schmiedeke and Surekha Melissa Zwenaju.

The Kaniget Bio

Bassist, Indian rock goddess Surekha "Rex" Zwenaju, and long
time guitar guru Harry Martin ("Dirty Harry"), have joined forces
to create an album that exudes their love of dark music, dry
English humor and impish mayhem. The self-entitled album
combines goth and punk rock, with the occasional hint of 80s,
classic rock, and eastern music. Influences are as diverse as Rob
Zombie, the Doors, Social Distortion, and Ravi Shankar. The result
is a dark vision of music which is at one time tender, insightful,
and sentimental, while at other times showing a sharp wit,
sarcasm, and dry humor, forming the heavy head banging, foot
stomping, yet fun and hips rolling mosh that is the foundation of


Private Company