The TRONS, a Band of Robots, Are Performing in Paris, October 2008, Under Contract to Mercedes Benz, After Winning Alphar Innovation Award

Paris engagement under contract with Mercedes Benz is site of next international performance for THE TRONS; a completely self playing robotic junk band. The Trons are made mostly from old computer and mechanical parts and play original songs using an array of old amps and instruments.

Los Angeles, CA, September 14, 2008 --( The critically acclaimed robot band, THE TRONS, has been named as a winner of the Chaytor Foundation Innovation Awards and has been selected to perform at the Paris Motor Show next month, under contract to Mercedes Benz, because of their unique style and culture:

The Trons playfully rip away the cloak of fearful thought that is undermining Planet Earth’s fun and freedoms. The Trons are a completely self playing robotic junk band, and are made mostly from old computer and mechanical parts and play original songs using an array of old amps and instruments.

Band Members are Ham (vox and rhythm guitar), Wiggy (single string lead guitar), Swamp (drums), Fifi (keyboards, one hand working).

Influences are The Clean, Rek'o'kut, The Velvet Underground, ringer washing machines, Stereolab, TRAC card vender, the Hillman Superminx, Gate, Bailter Space, Mikiphone, Yo La Tengo, BelAmi, Dusseldorf.

The Trons live in New Zealand and have many gigs under their belts, including Hamilton’s Ignition Fringe Festival and great gigs just recently at Auckland's Dog's Bollix and the Great Race Ball… robot groupies, mosh pit and all. The Trons are playing a mini tour of the South Island: playing the Wunderbar (secret apocalypse hideout) and the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup in Queenstown, and Chicks at Dunedin.

Email direct to innovator;, for info and gigs, and contact Earth manager;, for media and cultural interpretations.

The Trons culture reportedly broke through a black hole revealed during tests of the Atom Smasher built 100 meters below the Swiss countryside by Cern, the European organization for nuclear research… For a dramatic narrative description read the eBook “The Trons visit America” by Thomas Moore at The Trons rip off the secretive world of today’s liberal Earth thought and organizations to expose the dangers that are presenting to Earthlings… among the topics that the critically acclaimed group deals with are the culture war, race, religion, illegal immigration from other planets, and judicial tyranny. A smple of their music can be heard at

The Chaytor Foundation Innovation Awards celebrate the role of inventors such as, and are proud to recognize the best. Our communities are better places because of the work honored by these awards. The Chaytor Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Alphar Publishing and the Elsinore Times. The Trons was selected over many projects and heralds a new breakthrough in cultural diversity… provoking us to laugh at ourselves with an alien’s perspective.

The Trons, according to this month’s Earth manager, Thomas Moore, call in to account those in the fields of media, education, government, and even religion, who have chosen to shirk their responsibility to the people of Planet Earth by turning a blind eye to the dangers that are corrupting Earthling values. Earth manager Moore contends that there is a vast left-wing conspiracy that is more dangerous than any enemy Earthlings have confronted before, and that radical fascism is using and is being backed by liberals to attack Earth culture from within. Illegal alien immigration and the failure to address this issue is a major concern of Earth manager.

The Chaytor Foundation Innovation Awards have reaffirmed their commitment to the core values of improving Earth experiences and free expression. The purpose of the awards are (1) to spotlight innovation worthy of further consideration by the talent-hungry pipeline of the publishing and entertainment industry; and (2) facilitate getting those works into the proper hands for consideration.

Additional information on the Chaytor Foundation Awards and The Trons is available at

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