Participate in Earth Day by Sponsoring the New Novel—"Last Warning About Global Warming" by Dr. Thomas Moore, Published by Alphar

“Last Warning about Global Warming” by Dr. Thomas Moore, published by Alphar, describes the future of the planet and methods to protect the ecosphere. --what should we do before that complete awakening happens? In a time when forceful action by courageous and angry people is absolutely necessary. A repaired Earth is necessary… In 5 Years or Less. - April 24, 2009

The TRONS, a Band of Robots, Are Performing in Paris, October 2008, Under Contract to Mercedes Benz, After Winning Alphar Innovation Award

Paris engagement under contract with Mercedes Benz is site of next international performance for THE TRONS; a completely self playing robotic junk band. The Trons are made mostly from old computer and mechanical parts and play original songs using an array of old amps and instruments. - September 14, 2008

"What Will Hillary Clinton do if She Wins the Big Prize?" Asks Dr. Thomas Moore in His New Book, Hillary… "Considering New Government Secrets and Media Hostility?"

"Is Democracy too fragile a flower to trust to a woman?” questions a Republican leader in Dr. Moore’s new book, "Hillary," due for release. - April 25, 2008

Insider Reveals 6 Hidden Secrets Your Government Prays You'll Never Find Out. Can We Trust Nuclear? Expert Dr. Thomas Moore, Author of “Hillary”

Dr. Thomas Moore, structural engineer, who has performed forensic investigations of earthquake damage in many countries, including nuclear facilities in Japan, says we may be seeing just the tip of the iceberg at Tokyo Electric in regard to issues of nuclear safety. - July 19, 2007

Booksmith Bookstore Holding Alphar Publishing's New Releases: Readings Jan 5.

Alphar Publishing hosts "Meet the Author" at famous Persian "Aub Zam Zam" cafe & bar across street from Booksmith who hold Alphar's new novels at 1644 Haight, San Francisco, Friday, Jan 5, 5PM. - January 04, 2007

City Lights Bookstore, S.F. has Advance Copies of Alphar Publishing's New Novels

Meet the author and publisher, 4pm, January 4, Vesuvios cafe and bar @ City Light's bookstore, 261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, City Lights bookstore is stocking advance copies of four of Alphar Publishing's new releases. - January 03, 2007

Book Deal: “The Progress of Man” by Dr. Thomas Moore. Email Alphar Publishing for Advance Copy.

"Dr. Moore recognizes himself in the persona of Dubya, and so is drawn to exploring the character, as a surrogate for modern manhood… A fun book: A presidential family is psycho-analysed, apocryphal for the environment and future politicians." Publisher's Review. - December 22, 2006

Dr. Thomas Moore Confronts Issues Around Child Rape, Forgiving - In His Novel: Upland Road

Upland Road: Forgiveness is the only known antidote to resentment, including that resentment that ambushes us after experiences of abuse, abortion, rape . . . and it can be digested like a medication, often with delayed benefits. - December 22, 2006

Invitation to Book Launch: Los Angeles, San Francisco. The Progress of Man: G. W. Bush v. the People, by Dr. Thomas Moore

Progress is a camp romp within the Republican Party about Dubya Bush and We The People, both struggling to overcome internal conflicts that affect sexuality and attitudes. Dubya loves his wife Liberty Bell, but a tragic dysfunction has sprung from Dubya’s relationship with his father, his... - November 25, 2006

Dr. Thomas Moore Confronts Issues around Forgiving - in His New Novel, Upland Road

Forgiveness is the only known antidote to resentment, even including that resentment which often results from abuse, abortion, rape ... and it can be digested like a medication, and often there is further delayed benefits. Forgiveness has no damaging side effects, and it comes free. - July 25, 2006

A Boy Survivor of Horrible Rape Ordeal Becoming Country’s Advocate for Recovery… Novelist, Dr. Thomas Moore

It is estimated that one in ten adults have been assaulted sexually as children. Ex-priest Dr. Moore says “at least 50% of u.s. population impacted by child rape.” Thomas relates his experience in book form: Ex-priest’s expose novel “Upland Road” to raise funds for survivors of childhood rape. - July 24, 2006

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