WeScribeIt.com Now Sharing the Secret to Fast and Easy Writing

WeScribeIt.com is sharing a way to make writing a book, novel, or article quick and easy. Go from zero to published in no time at all.

Stockton, CA, October 10, 2008 --(PR.com)-- WeScribeIt.com is sharing a way to fix common problems associated with writing a book: not being able to type or write fast enough to keep up with the thoughts or forgetting the thought before getting the chance to write it down.

"With using a transcription service all you have to do is dictate what you want to include in your book and it will be transcribed and sent back to you as text. If a person dictates an hour long audio, it could be sent back to them within hours," claims the CEO. "We feel this could drastically help a lot of writers. It seems to provide them the ability to really dive into their thoughts without having to worry about keeping up."

Included with this idea is that it could offer the same assistance to those writing e-books and/or articles. WeScribeIt.com CEO also states, "Internet marketing guru's make millions of dollars just from selling information in e-books. Just think of how much more they could make if they didn't spend all the time writing or typing them out and instead dictating them. Freelance journalists could generate far more articles if they were to dictate rather than typing out their articles, especially if they were to dictate while out in the field investigating their story. Again, this also would provide far better writing because you have a better memory of what you are writing about."

WeScribeIt is an online-based transcription company which operates in the United States. Upon speaking with the CEO, it seems this company offers a great service with true customer service. They believe the customer is first. It should also be noted that that WeScribeIt.com offers a volume discount.

Todd Trantham