Soul of The Soldier; Alternative Therapies for Stress,Trauma and PTSD

10 Year Army Wife Makes A Pocket Guide Book for Stress, Trauma and PTSD Therapies for Soldiers and Their Families.

Baraboo, WI, October 02, 2008 --( Dawn Hutkowski, 10 years Army wife of SSG. Jerry Hutkowski, Iraq veteran, produced a research and practical guide book of alternative therapies for stress, trauma and PTSD that, she says will reduce recovery time or prevent conditions altogether. She has an alternative therapy practice in Baraboo WI., where she has used many of the therapies on clients and herself.

She has been researching alternative therapies for over 15 years. She began to focus on PTSD, stress and trauma when she was in massage school in 2005. In a visit to Colorado in 2006 she became aware of the plight of soldiers and their families who are dealing with stress related issues. They are being misunderstood, mistreated, misdiagnosed and misrepresented.

Colonel Charles W. Hoge, M.D at Walter Reed Institute has seen that 1 in 8 soldiers suffers from PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome) and less than half seek help for fear of it affecting their careers. It's been estimated that nearly one million Vietnam veterans developed PTSD. Tens of thousands of veterans with PTSD receive treatment from the VA in the form of medication and/or talk therapy, but with limited results. Many others continue to live without treatment for their condition.

Dawn Hutkowski wants to send a clear message that there is no weakness or shame in getting therapy after going through one of the hardest things in the human experience. There is self respect to be gained from taking care of yourself, to continue to be all you can be. And alternative therapies she believes hold the answer.

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Dawn Hutkowski