Ambulances Driven from Europe to Mongolia Provide Vital Boost for Emergency Services

• 3 Ambulances driven up to 10,000 miles on Mongol Rally, sponsored by Chevrolet, will make huge impact in new roles, • Mongolia’s only Casualty Hospital now has fully equipped high-spec Ambulance for the first time, • Maternity hospital now has an Ambulance for the first time

Bristol, United Kingdom, October 03, 2008 --( Three Ambulances driven to Ulaanbaatar by teams taking part in The Adventurists’ Mongol Rally 2008 have been donated to hospitals and health organisations and made history for Mongolia’s only Casualty Hospital.

The teams set out from London and Madrid on July 19th for an adventure that also makes a difference and raises money for charity. They faced up to 10,000 miles, 15 countries, several deserts, mountain ranges and the open steppe of Mongolia, but now their vehicles are now set to have an enormous impact in their new lives in the country’s capital.

The newest Ambulance driven by team ‘Renault East to West’ from Spain is incredibly modern and contains high specification medical equipment including defibrillators, making the donated vehicle the first ambulance in Mongolia with such a wide range of emergency capabilities.

Donated to Mongolia’s only Casualty Hospital, their Deputy Director Mr. Munkhbat said:

"This is not just an excellent emergency Ambulance but I want to stress that it is also equipped with all the equipment we need to respond to emergency situations, so I extend my thanks to the Mongol Rally and the team from Spain that made such a kind donation."

Tom Morgan, founder of the Mongol Rally and organisers The Adventurists, who was at the handover ceremony in Ulaanbaatar, said:

“Now the Mongol Rally has come to a close we have started to distribute some of the vehicles. It was a real pleasure to be able to donate the Ambulances to where they are much needed.

“Mongol Rally teams have been able to provide Mongolia's first casualty prepared ambulance to the casualty hospital and the first ambulance at all to the maternity hospital. It’s fantastic news and the teams should be very proud of their achievement and the excellent work these vehicles will be able to carry out.”

The second Ambulance, driven by team Gobi Ambulance from UK has been donated to the Maternity Hospital in the Bayanzurkh district of Ulaanbaatar who currently have no patient transport services of any kind.

This donation means that they will be able to respond to the transport needs of their patients for the very first time, marking a new period in the reach of their maternity healthcare provision.

Mat Booth, who drove the Ambulance from London to Mongolia, said:

"After driving 8,700 miles to Mongolia we’d become attached to our ambulance and leaving it in the Mongol Rally compound we all wondered where it would end up.

“When we received news from Mongolia about the donation and that it would go to great use transporting mums-to-be in Ulaanbaatar we were delighted. It is the perfect end to team Gobi Ambulance's story.”

The third Ambulance driven by team Arrr Taste from UK was donated to the Bayanzurkh District Disabled Peoples Association. Once again this is the first ambulance the association has received and they will use it to provide assistance to all the home-bound disabled in the district, providing transport to essential services and vital medical assistance in their homes.

The donation of these three Ambulances has been carefully co-ordinated to ensure the vehicles can be maintained and operated to their full capacity for years to come to deliver the maximum benefit for the people of Ulaanbaatar.

In the case of the casualty hospital the Ambulance and its specialised equipment is likely to save lives that may have otherwise been sadly lost. The combined effect of the vehicles will be a staggering improvement to the services the organisations can offer their patients.


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