Signalman Publishes "The Theory of Money and Credit"

Orlando, FL, October 08, 2008 --( Signalman Publishing, a provider of e-books for the Amazon Kindle reader, has announced the publication of "The Theory of Money and Credit" by noted economist Ludwig von Mises in the Kindle book format.

Von Mises was a leader of the Austrian school of economic thought and argued, as an anti-inflationist, that any unsound credit expansion results in volatile business cycles. Von Mises advocated the gold standard as a return to sound money, thereby wresting the control of the economy from a centralized state authority (i.e. the Federal Reserve) to a standard that is neither inflationary nor deflationary.

“Publishing 'The Theory of Money and Credit' is especially timely given current events happening in our financial and credit markets. A lot of people are turning to von Mises and his writings for a better understanding of what has happened and how we can formulate better economic policies. It is our pleasure and privilege to be able to bring this important and timely work to the Kindle,” stated John McClure, president of Signalman Publishing. “We hope to continue to bring even more classic works to the Kindle in the coming months,” McClure continued.

The Kindle from Amazon is a new e-book reader that has been gaining popularity with an estimated 240,000 units sold to-date.

About Signalman Publishing:

A unit of Kissimmee, Florida based Signalman Enterprises, LLC, Signalman Publishing is an electronic book publisher with a mission to bring the classics of non-fiction literature to the Kindle reader through the portal.

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