Outskirts Press Announces America the Disposable, the Latest Highly-Anticipated Political Ideologies - Democracy Book from Alpine, CA Author Steve Hunyar

Los Angeles, CA, October 24, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Outskirts Press, Inc. has published America the Disposable: The Culture War During the Era of Apathy by Steve Hunyar, which is the author’s most recent book to date. The 6.14 x 9.21 paperback in the Political Ideologies - Democracy category is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble for a suggested retail price of $19.95. The webpage at www.outskirtspress.com/AmericatheDisposable was launched simultaneously with the book’s publication.

About the Book (Excerpts & Info)

America is at a crossroads. Obama versus McCain? Liberal versus Conservative? The Progressive "Enlightened" Philosophy, or Traditional Values? Democrat versus Republican? Politicians versus Americans?

What direction do we take? A socialist Obama-esque society where federal government controls more of our daily lives and needs, or a capitalist culture where control lies within free enterprise and the free market economy? It is clear now that our politicians (on both sides of the aisle) have been selling us out and leveraging our and our children's futures so that we could artificially live better lifestyles. The answers lie within the historical records of the last 40 years.

America the Disposable; The Culture War During the Era of Apathy delves into the main cultural, moral, and political issues of the last four decades. It is an expose which engages almost every political and cultural issue that is deteriorating our values to the point of no return - unless we act soon. It explores fundamental sociological issues ranging from marriage, abortion, the loss of civility and common sense, education, religion, our pop culture, pornography, and personal responsibility. Within politics, I delve into the environmentalism scam, the war on terror, the energy crisis, poverty, taxes, the complicit mainstream media, and our laws.

America the Disposable provides you with the genesis of the radical liberal playbook, the inherent tactics, lies and distortions, and the attempts to rewrite history to cover-up the damage inflicted by the liberal orthodoxy that is bankrupting our country – morally and financially.

For the sake of our children and future generations of Americans, it's time to acknowledge we have enormous moral and social problems. We need to deal with these issues using a common sense approach and return to the values we cherished only a few decades ago. We need to shed our apathy and stop disposing the traditions that made America great.

America the Disposable presents the facts to you with the data necessary to support the conclusions. The numbers are clear. And the choice is clearer. We can act - but it must be soon - or "America the Free" will cease to exist.

Deftly constructed at 266 pages, America the Disposable: The Culture War During the Era of Apathy is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the Political Ideologies - Democracy category. With U.S. wholesale distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and pervasive online availability through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere, America the Disposable meets consumer demand through both retail and library markets with a suggested retail price of $19.95.

Additionally, America the Disposable can be ordered by retailers or wholesalers for the maximum trade discount price set by the author in quantities of ten or more from the Outskirts Press wholesale online bookstore at www.outskirtspress.com/buybooks

ISBN: 9781604025569
Format: 6.14 x 9.21 paperback
SRP: $19.95

For more information or to contact the author, visit www.outskirtspress.com/AmericatheDisposable

About the Author

Steve Hunyar is a native Californian and first generation American. Married for over 24 years with 2 children, he is an owner of a software company, had a brief tenure in political office as a school board member, was an op-ed columnist, and a guest on several local radio programs. He has been involved in San Diego politics for many years.

Steve is a strong conservative and traditionalist who believes we can take our country back from the fringe politicians and propagandists and return to the days when Americans felt safe and were in control of their destinies.

“America the Disposable explains how liberal policies and tactics systematically push us deeper into a cultural and societal abyss -- while we sheepishly and apathetically stand by and let it happen. This is more than a gripe session. I offer real solutions that empower individuals to get involved and take action.”

Steve Hunyar

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