Ami Moore Supports the Goals of ADOA, The American Dog Owners Association

Ami Moore the Chicago Dog Whisperer supports our right as American citizens to train, breed, train and share our home and hearth with our pets. Dogs are especially near and dear to Ami Moore. ADOA actively promotes legislation that will help keep dogs close to our hearts forever.

Chicago, IL, October 27, 2008 --( The American Dog Owners Association (ADOA) believes in protecting citizens’ rights to train, breed and share their homes with dogs. Chicago dog coach Ami Moore shares the same values – as has been demonstrated in her recent protests against the City of Chicago’s consideration of a mandatory spay/neuter law.

Moore, who regularly supports and donates to the ADOA, has developed a successful career by applying human occupational therapy techniques to the training of dogs. A lifelong dog lover, she has used what she learned during her ten years as a children’s occupational therapist to help dogs who have behavior issues.

Moore’s human clients struggled with disabilities such as attention deficit disorder (ADD) and Down Syndrome, and, through her experiences, she discovered that dogs who have trouble being calm have many things in common with children who have ADD. “My goal is to bring harmony to people and their dogs,” Moore has said.

Similarly, the ADOA celebrates the special bond between dogs and their owners. The ADOA was originally established in Detroit, Mich., in 1970 to combat illegal dog fighting and promote responsible ownership. Today, it has grown to become the nation’s oldest and largest member-based organization representing dog owners.

The ADOA also fights animal cruelty and dog fighting, provides education about responsible ownership, and promotes standards for safe, civilized and humane treatment of dogs.

Supported entirely by members, the ADOA is an inclusive organization comprised of individual dog owners, local dog clubs and organizations, shelters and rescues, ethical home and hobby breeders, and statewide federations. In addition, ADOA’s membership represents expertise in many canine-related fields, including trainers, behaviorists, shelter experts, breed experts, animal control officers, law enforcement officers, attorneys, physicians, public health officials, and more.

Ami Moore the Chicago Dog Whisperer says, “I am proud to be affiliated with an organization who has such noble ideals.”

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Ami Moore