Stop the Dog Killing Fields - Oppose HB 0198

Illinois Rep. Fritchey has created a bill that will allow healthy, happy dogs to be murdered in seven days-no exceptions, if their owners have been ticketed for minor code violations. How does killing healthy, happy dogs help Illinois? - February 24, 2009

Ami Moore Graduates from No Limitations Dog Training School

Ami Moore, known as the Chicago dog coach and a renowned dog behaviorist , has completed her three week intensive certification program from No Limitations School for Remote Collar Training. Started by Fred Hassen, the No Limitations School has trained numerous dog training professionals who are... - January 08, 2009

Ami Moore Learns About Calming Signals the Dog's Language

Ami Moore participates in a series of workshops conducted by Turid Rugass. Ami Moore, known throughout the world as the Chicago dog whisperer, and a renowned dog behaviorist, recently participated in a series of workshops conducted by Turid Rugass. Turid Rugass, who has dedicated her life to the... - January 08, 2009

Ami Moore Learns from Dr. McConnell

Ami Moore, the world renowned dog behaviorist, recently completed the Mostly Training Workshops held over a period of three days. The keynote speaker of the event was Patricia McConnell who is considered to be an expert on dogs' behavior problems and the role of genetics in the problems. According... - January 08, 2009

Ami Moore Chicago Dog Whisperer Lets Her Fingers do the Talking

According to Ami Moore, "The TTouch Companion Animals Training was a fantastic adventure in alternative healing methods. I was very proud that my dogs were valuable assistants to the instructors-good training always allows your dog to have a bigger, better quality of life." She foresees... - November 19, 2008

Ami Moore, Chicago Dog Expert, Has Town by Tail

Chicago dog coach Ami Moore is getting the media’s attention. And this time, she feels, having her name in headlines is a good thing. Moore’s critics seem to run a-plenty. She’s a female. She’s not white. She’s an ordained minister and a Native American medicine woman. - November 08, 2008

Ami Moore Helps Hounds Heal in Chicago

The Chicago Journal’s “How to make a dog behave – Call the West Loop dog whisperer” and Medill Reports’ “Chicago dog whisperer turns big, bad dogs into charmers” were released in October. Both articles, written by Sigrid Lupieri of the Medill News Service,... - November 03, 2008

Ami Moore Expands Horizon to Include Horses

Ami Moore has made a name for herself in the Chicago area as a dog trainer who uses unique methods gleaned from her days as a children’s occupational therapist to manage pets’ behavior. A lover of dogs from an early age, Moore is now exploring another childhood passion. “Like... - November 03, 2008

Ami Moore Teaches Dogs and Learns from Horses

Ami Moore calls herself a dog coach. But sometimes, at the end of the day, it’s difficult to discern just who has been teaching whom. Moore, a “dog whisperer,” has made a career out of training dogs using human occupational therapy techniques such as deep pressure to joints,... - November 03, 2008

Ami Moore is Guest Author for The Spaniel Journal

As Chicago lawmakers mull over a law which would require spaying and neutering for all pets over six months of age, local dog expert professional dog behaviorist Ami Moore is on a mission to speak out against the pending ordinance. Moore close ties with the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association,... - November 03, 2008

Ami Moore Completes Novartis Course to Help Dogs with Separation Anxiety

"I have many clients who have to endure the pain of living with dogs that are suffering from separation anxiety." Ami Moore says, "Sometimes you need more than workouts, good food and good energy to cure this condition. Sometimes you need a good drug-Clomicalm is that drug." - October 27, 2008

Ami Moore Supports the Goals of ADOA, The American Dog Owners Association

Ami Moore the Chicago Dog Whisperer supports our right as American citizens to train, breed, train and share our home and hearth with our pets. Dogs are especially near and dear to Ami Moore. ADOA actively promotes legislation that will help keep dogs close to our hearts forever. - October 27, 2008

Rescue Dogs Need Recreation in Addition to Rehabilitation Says Ami Moore

Ami Moore, the Chicago Dog Whisperer, educator, author and motivational speaker uses her skills as an occupational therapy provider to create new and novel recreational activities for dogs that are in shelters and rescues. "Dogs need playtime and work time just like children do in order to remain balanced and healthy" says Ami Moore. - October 27, 2008

SAOVA and Ami Moore Support Hunting Dogs and Herding Dogs

SAOVA is a nationwide, nonpartisan group of volunteers seeking to elect politicians who will oppose animal rightists. It is the only national group working to protect both sportsmen and animal owners - natural allies - in the legislative and political arenas. SAOVA's members hunt and fish, and own livestock, dogs, cats and other pets. Ami Moore supports SAOVA because she believes that real work keeps dogs' bloodlines healthy. - October 27, 2008

Ami Moore the Chicago Dog Whisperer Rocks WCRX

Ami Moore the Chicago Dog Whisperer was a rocking guest on WXRX's pet talk radio. Ami Moore promotes dog boot camps and dog fat camps as the next new thing. - October 24, 2008

Ami Moore Says Protect Pets and You Protect People

Ami Moore the Chicago Dog Whisperer, says that if you protect pets you protect people as well. "With my experience as a teacher and occupational therapy provider, I am well aware that animals can be abused when people are abused in a home." - October 24, 2008

Ami Moore, the Chicago Dog Coach, Joins the Junior Board of PAWS Chicago as a Sign of Support for Their Mission to Save Homeless Pets

Ami Moore, The Chicago Dog Whisperer, joins PAWS Chicago's Junior Board as a way to support their mission to save homeless pets and provide low-cost spay and neuter services to the Chicagoland area. Ami Moore, The Chicago Dog Expert is a supporter of homeless pets and shelter animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits being spayed or neutered before they find their forever homes. "Altering animals that are homeless before they are released to new homes is a smart idea," says Ami Moore. - October 23, 2008

Ami Moore Chicago Dog Trainer Graduates from Humane Society of United States University

Ami Moore the Chicago Dog Whisperer completed a course offered by the Humans Society of the United States University that covered all aspects of running a behavior hot line for the public. This behavior hot line is designed to help frustrated dog and cat owners keep their pets at happy at home. - October 16, 2008

The Chicago Dog Expert Says Don't Bob the Barkers

Ami Moore, the Chicago Dog Whisperer, is working with many local dog organizations to oppose a mandatory spay and neuter bill in Chicago. - October 14, 2008

Poop in the West Loop of Chicago

Ami Moore, animal protection activist promotes picking up the poop in the West Loop. Dog Poop is a constant problem in big cities. Ami Moore of Doggie Do Right 911 has a plan to pick up the poop. - March 12, 2008

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