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Lemmer, Netherlands, October 30, 2008 --( Reed Business Geo (the Netherlands) is proud to announce the appointment of Roosmarijn Haring as the new editor-in-chief for Hydro international. The transition is effective from the January issue of Hydro international.

Roosmarijn Haring graduated in 1999 in Physical Geography from the University of Amsterdam. She conducted several research projects during her studies. As a research assistant she participated in the MAST-3 INDIA (Inlet Dynamics Initiative: Algarve) project. The aim of this project was to improve the understanding of the interaction of hydrodynamic and sedimentological processes in the coastal zone, and also to develop improved methodologies to predict changes in morphology. "I never could have guessed, working back then as an aeolian specialist in collaboration with marine specialists, that 10 years later I would become the new editor-in-chief of Hydro international!" Roosmarijn comments.

After graduating, she began her career at the Road and Hydraulic Engineering Institute, a division of Rijkswaterstaat, before working for the research institute Alterra. Before joining Hydro international, she worked in nature conservation, employed by the Dutch Society for Dune Conservation and by the Wadden Sea Society. She has been editing geographically orientated magazines since 2000. Commenting on her appointment, Roosmarijn says, "With interest and enthusiasm I look forward to bringing Hydro international readers the latest developments in research, news, technical innovations and business."

Departing editor-in chief Leeke van der Poel comments: "Being involved in Hydro International has always given me much satisfaction and pleasure, which I will surely miss. As editor, I was in the comfortable position to closely follow all developments in the hydrographic field, which I found most interesting. I highly valued the contacts with the hydrographic family, amongst whom field surveyors, senior surveyors ashore, directors, national hydrographers and manufacturers. A special ‘thank you very much’ goes out to the authors, as without them publishing a magazine is impossible. My future focus lies in hydrographic consultancy and electronic charting, as I am involved with Chartworx, an electronic chart systems manufacturer. I wish Roosmarijn Haring lots of success".

Roosmarijn Haring can be contacted by e-mail ( or telephone (+31 (0)514-561854).

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