Record Beer Consumption at Oktoberfest '08

Australian-based touring company, Thirsty Swagman, has claimed a record in beer consumption at Oktoberfest 2008, on their 11-night pub-crawl tour across Europe.

Munich, Germany, November 01, 2008 --( Visitors to the 2008 Munich Oktoberfest did their best to live up to the festival’s proud traditions by guzzling 6.6 million litres of beer in 15 days of all-out drinking.

6.6 Million Litres of Beer, 104 Oxen, and one Koala bear.

In fact, statistics for Oktoberfest are downright entertaining. Each year after the two-week celebration of beer and Lederhosen ends, the city of Munich provides figures that give an insight into the enormous intensity of the world's biggest beer festival.

Beer consumption, as always, is the key figure. It declined by 300,000 litres to 6.6 million as a result of cold and rainy weather this year. The number of visitors fell by 200,000 to 6 million.

“With an average of 1.1 litres of beer per person, travellers on our Oktoberfest tour have out-drunk Bavaria at 7:1. Every day we nailed a record-breaking 8 litres each.” said Kenneth Hart, founder of Australian touring company Thirsty Swagman.

“One beer lady was running back and forth delivering Steins just for our tables, and she could barely keep up. If they had an Oktoberfest Top-40 for hardest drinkers, we’d make half that list with just our travellers”.

With their tour mascot, a stuffed Koala Bear from an Australian traveller, they had plenty of patriotic support.

Outside the beer tents, stalls sold 2,000 litres of mulled wine normally reserved for the Christmas market season to men and women freezing in their Lederhosen and Dirndls.

The number of oxen devoured remained at 104 and the security guards in the 14 giant beer tents confiscated a total of 200,000 empty 1-litre Stein glasses that visitors had tried to smuggle out of the tents.

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