Ami Moore Helps Hounds Heal in Chicago

Chicago, IL, November 03, 2008 --( The Chicago Journal’s “How to make a dog behave – Call the West Loop dog whisperer” and Medill Reports’ “Chicago dog whisperer turns big, bad dogs into charmers” were released in October. Both articles, written by Sigrid Lupieri of the Medill News Service, introduce Moore, her Chicago-based dog training business, and one of her dogs - named Dundee - to readers.

The articles explain Moore’s background and training philosophies in a light-hearted, yet informative, way. “’I’m just like an old Catholic nun,’ she said – standing tall and staring at the dog with a stern face and eyes,” Lupieri says of Moore in one article.

The articles describe Moore’s “dog whispering” philosophies – her methods of teaching dogs to recognize basic English commands and her belief that pet owners should use psychological dominance called “alphatude” to control their dogs.

The dogs which belong to Moore’s clients can obey commands and act calmly at home and in public without bribery with food or other treats. “Dog whispering is simply immersing yourself in the dog’s culture,” Moore says in the articles. “I can fix everything except aggression in two hours.”

Moore warns strongly against “spoiling” dogs. “Dog owners who hire Moore often treat their pets ‘like emotion comfort food,’ (Moore) said, causing problems like hyperactivity, aggression, chewed furniture and constant barking,” the articles say. “A dog smothered with affection can suffer from separation anxiety when an owner just picks up the keys to the door. … As with children, spoiling a dog can stress the pet and owner's relationship too. ‘If owners don't set down rules and consequences, dogs become like a spoiled Hollywood starlet,’ Moore said.”

Moore says many dog owners are tired of having to bribe their pets. “Most dog owners have an idea that their dog can communicate with them out of love. They are right. Dogs can,” she says. “Dogs that herd sheep do so without food or toys. They work for the love of the shepherd and the love of the job. Dogs that protect policemen do so without food or toys. They do it for the love of the officer and the love of the job. Dogs that run into buildings that are on fire to rescue their human families do so without treats or toys. They do it out of love for their people. This is the kind of dog whispering service that I offer – a way to move from coercion into communication and from commands to friendship.”

“I am glad that the citizens of Chicago are interested in alternative dog training techniques that can make a dog's inclusion into a city lifestyle quick and easy,” Moore said following her interview with Lupieri.

“Every Chicago citizen deserves to share the public space with a safe and sane dog and to be free of the fear of dog aggression and dog bites. The key to creating public safety is with a well-trained dog that responds to his owner without props like food or toys. Every city dog should reliably respond to their owner’s verbal commands on and off leash.”

The Chicago Dog Whisperer
Ami Moore