The UPS Store DC
The UPS Store DC

Record Numbers of Travelers Save Baggage Costs with The UPS Store DC

As the holiday season approaches, record numbers of business travelers and tourists are looking for ways to save on the shocking costs of excess weight luggage when returning home from downtown Washington hotels. The UPS Store DC has a solution.

Washington, DC, November 05, 2008 --( Nationwide, travelers continue to face higher costs at airport check in counters. The new way of business continues to catch airline passengers by surprise. The cost of extra bags and exceeding weight limits is not what American travelers are accustom to paying. The UPS Store at 1718 M St NW, near many downtown Washington Hotels offers significant savings and security for business and vacation travelers.

Visitors and travelers staying at downtown Washington hotels frequently voice their dismay at the high price of getting their baggage home. Not only are their bags heavier and more difficult to handle than when they left home, but there is a significant charge for each bag. This is particularly true when your luggage weight exceeds the particular airlines standard weight limits.

The UPS Store DC has seen a significant increase in the number of travelers searching for less expensive and reliable baggage handling options. The services available through their shipping and certified packaging has proven to fill this need. Business and vacation travelers alike have reported significant savings and ease in traveling by taking their excess items to stores such as The UPS Store DC.

Says Leslie, the store franchisee, "Many travelers to downtown Washington Hotels have told us that the convenience and cost for shipping and packing through our The UPS Store DC is well worth the short trip from the hotel. Not only do they get their new gifts and souvenirs home, they properly packaged and delivery is guaranteed." The savings compared to airline excess baggage costs can be significant.

Leslie suggests that even if a traveler to downtown Washington hotels is going to ship their luggage as baggage, that it should still be packed to certified standards. As she noted, when you look out your passenger window, you rarely see your luggage being treated with kid gloves. Secure packing is a must no matter how you intend to get it home.

"If you are purchasing special gifts and fragile items, it is best to get the professional advise of a store like The UPS Store, " says Wayne. "It simply isn't smart to buy something and have it break, then have to buy it again. For the typically lower cost of proper packaging, you can save a whole lot of heartache."

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