3D Warp Entertainment Inc Announces RUNE KEEPERS™ cg Animated Feature Film

CG animated short to be released in December 2008.

Dallas, TX, November 04, 2008 --(PR.com)-- 3D Warp Entertainment Inc is officially announcing its plan for the production of a RUNE KEEPERS™ cg animated feature film and a teaser trailer is now available at the RUNE KEEPERS™ website (www.runekeepers.com).

After struggling for eight years and almost closing its doors in 2005, 3D Warp Entertainment Inc. and its flagship intellectual property RUNE KEEPERS™ is poised for a tremendous comeback.

“Initially, RUNE KEEPERS™ was designed as a video game but we could not find equity investors to fund its production. Because of how the game industry works financially, we did not want the game to be funded by a publisher, although we did plan to partner with a publisher after development was completed for distribution purposes. But after years of looking for funding, we were out of money and in 2005 announced we were suspending production of the game indefinitely. Fortunately, within a year of this announcement, it became clear that the RUNE KEEPERS™ story was not dying, but in fact was expanding. It’s all I could think about. So in 2006 we began to develop a new plan to get the RUNE KEEPERS™ story out there,” said David Adams, President of 3D Warp Entertainment. “RUNE KEEPERS™ is now being created as an expansive universe that we hope will span all entertainment media including film, novels, and yes we still hope to produce a RUNE KEEPERS™ video game at some point in the future.”

3D Warp will release a RUNE KEEPERS™ cg animated short film in December 2008 that will give viewers a small glimpse into the RUNE KEEPERS™ universe. The cg animated feature film is currently in pre-production and a series of novels is also being mapped out. The story introduction was written by New York Times bestselling author Richard A. Knaak and is also available at www.runekeepers.com.

3D Warp Entertainment Inc
David Adams