John Taylor's, Into the Heart of European Poetry Unveils the Major Trends of Contemporary European Writing

Piscataway, NJ, November 07, 2008 --( "This is critical writing that is satisfying at every single level." —Richard Goodman, author of The Soul of Creative Writing [Transaction]

". . . Taylor’s short pieces on a huge range of writers are the literary equivalent of a superb travel guide."—John Wilson, Books and Culture

Into the Heart of European Poetry examines the work of many of the major poets who have deeply marked modern and contemporary European literature. Venturing far and wide from the France in which he has lived since the late 1970s, the polyglot writer-critic not only delves into the more widely translated literatures of Italy, Greece, Germany, and Austria, but also discovers impressive and overlooked work in Slovenia, Bosnia, Hungary, Finland, Norway, and the Netherlands in this book that ranges over nearly all of Europe, including Russia. Key themes include the quest of the "thing-in-itself," metaphysical aspiration and anxiety, the dialectics of negativity and affirmation, subjectivity and self-effacement, and uprootedness. Into the Heart of European Poetry is a highly engaging study that reveals major trends in European writing today.

About the author:
John Taylor has lived in France since 1977. A frequent contributor to the Times Literary Supplement, Context, the Yale Review, the Antioch Review and Absinthe: New European Writing, he has introduced numerous European writers and poets to English readers, often for the first time. Some of his works include The Apocalypse Tapestries, a book of poetry and prose based on the famous tapestries in the Chateau of Angers, and Paths to Contemporary French Literature (Volumes 1 and 2).

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