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Alex Heiphetz Group, Inc.

Cost–effective Solution for Immersive Training: Fire That Programmer

The new solution allows training departments to create immersive training simulations in 3D learning worlds, such as Second Life using intuitive Graphic User Interface without need to program or involve software developers.

State College, PA, November 07, 2008 --( In challenging times training often becomes the first victim of budget slashing. “We could try to make pro-training case in hopes of helping our clients to preserve budgets,” says Dr. Alex Heiphetz, CEO of AHG, Inc., “but it’s a loosing battle.” Instead, AHG concentrated on a solution that saves significant money, effort and time while improving training results -- Key Performance Indicators, time to ready and durability. Immersive Communication Training System (ICTS) is capable of creating uniquely-effective training solutions. But this is only half of the story. The second half is that training designers do not need to have technical background and your company does not need to hire computer programmers as it is necessary with competing technologies. With ICTS you create training simulation using intuitive Graphic User Interface. Moving colored rectangles on a screen, connecting them by arrows, filling out web forms with dialog text and actions that need to be taken, you create a training simulation that can be as simple as short sales call, or as complex as equipment handling lesson.

You will always keep your training up-to-date: modifications to simulations can be done without delay by direct editing of contents through the same Graphic User Interface. Unlike traditional technologies, instructional designer does not need to involve software developer. “Prior to the age of personal computers, professionals would hand-write their notes and then have them typed by typists. Similar situation still exists in training where instructional professionals design training and have programmers implement it using computer technologies,” said Dr. Heiphetz. “Our technology brings instructional design into 21st century. Professionals can now create and modify training directly, without intermediaries”.

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