MG Hardie Talks About Hip Hop’s Newest Frontier in New Interview

Author/Playwright MG Hardie, who has been compared to Tyler Perry and continues to earn rave reviews and honors from the literary world, speaks bluntly in a new “Take Ten” interview with Cyrus A. Webb.

Long Beach, CA, November 08, 2008 --( The reviewers of MG Hardie's book EveryDay Life have called the book "Ground-Breaking", "Realistic", “Unexpected”, “A New Literary Standard”, “Delving into Unchartered Territories", and “Brilliance!” The President of Crunk Book Club had this to say about Hardie’s work, “It is not like anything I’ve ever read!” MG Hardie has recently been featured on Conversations LIVE! MG now speaks truthfully in a new interview on

EveryDay Life will be AAMBC’s Book of the Month for November.

Every Day Life has been chosen as one of the "25 Best Kept Literary Secrets of 2008" by Conversations Book Club.

"EveryDay Life would be an excellent forum for any Hip Hop or R & B artist to continue to showcase their talent in this type of production. EveryDay Life is a unique work. It is a Hip-Hop book with no rap in it and it actually works. It is probably the first interactive drama book every published.” says Hardie. EveryDay Life is about hopes, dreams and thoughts it is thought-provoking and thought-evoking. It is the ultimate conversation starter and finisher.
Hardie’s powerful thoughtful passion does not soften his presentation of politics, racism, relationships, drug usage, promiscuity, or even a father’s responsibility. But Hardie does not waste time lingering over these issues, nor does he wish them away, what he does do is something quite profound in this day-and-age, He actually allows his characters to discuss them.

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M.G. Hardie