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Mediatrix Telecom Enhances VoIP Security with the Release of the DGW v2.0 Firmware Application

Mediatrix's DGW v2.0 Application offers enhanced security features to the Mediatrix portfolio of VoIP Gateways.

Sherbrooke, Canada, November 12, 2008 --( Mediatrix Telecom, the leader in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) access devices and gateways, today announced the release of its new firmware application DGW v2.0.

DGW v2.0 offers enhanced security features such as TLS, SRTP, certificates management, SNMP v3 and HTTPS, designed to bring greater security for the network management, SIP signalling and media transmission aspects, across the full Mediatrix portfolio.

“VoIP is a complex real-time communication service that is less tolerant of disruptions than most traditional network applications; this is why security is amongst the top concerns of enterprises deploying voice over IP systems today,” explained Marc Skinner, PLM Director at Mediatrix Telecom. “With the DGW v2.0 application implemented within almost our entire portfolio of VoIP gateways, we are working to ensure that our clients achieve the full benefit of VoIP while minimizing the inherent security threats.”

Mediatrix VoIP gateways with DGW v2.0 application provide enterprises with the capability to secure the edges of their networks as part of the establishment of secured end-to-end networks as well as to lower communications costs over any IP link. Mediatrix products support a variety of telephony interfaces including R2 CAS E1 interfaces, ISDN E1 PRI interfaces, ISDN T1 PRI interfaces, and ISDN BRI digital interfaces, as well as FXS analog interfaces. They provide an ideal solution for enterprise voice applications or for connecting to a service provider’s broadband access.

New Security Features
· HTTPS, for the exchange of Configuration Files.
· SNMP v3.
· SRTP with MIKEY using pre-shared keys (RFC 3830 and 4567) as key selection method.
· Certificate management.
· SIP over TLS transport method.

DGW v2.0 is available on the following Mediatrix Products:

· Mediatrix 3400 Series ISDN BRI Gateways
· Mediatrix 3500 / 3600 Series ISDN PRI Gateways
· Mediatrix 3700 Series Hybrid Gateways ( Analog and Digital Interfaces)
· Mediatrix 4100 Series Analog Access Points
· Mediatrix 4400 Series BRI Gateways

About Mediatrix Telecom
Mediatrix develops and markets advanced VoIP access devices, gateways, routers and value-added software enhancements for the enterprise, SOHO, and residential markets. Its products provide an ideal migration path for end users wishing to protect their current CPE investment (analog/digital phones, fax machines, PBX and Key Systems) while migrating to a converged IP network. Mediatrix products and solutions are widely interoperable and have received commercial endorsement from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment as well as from large telecommunication carriers. Mediatrix is a wholly owned Division of Media5 Corporation, a high technology company based in the Montreal area, in Canada. Media5 Corporation also owns M5T, a software provider focused on delivering the latest in SIP software technologies and security solutions to companies developing applications for real-time multimedia communications over IP. Mediatrix has corporate offices in the Sherbrooke area, in Canada and regional offices in the United States and Europe. For more information, please visit

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