Kilgray Enhances Leverage, Usability and Accessibility in MemoQ 3.2

Budapest, Hungary, November 13, 2008 --( Kilgray Translation Technologies, a company dedicated to the development of translation productivity tools, has announced the release of MemoQ 3.2 only two months after the release of MemoQ 3.0. The new version focuses on three key areas: leverage, usability and accessibility.

Using the enhanced fragment assembly, MemoQ 3.2 can combine terminology, translation memory and auto-translatable (pattern) matches. This enables the automatic pre-translation of numbers, dates, repetitive product descriptions, speeding up the translation process by up to 50%.

MemoQ 3.2 introduces a new filter architecture and major improvements to the HTML and XML filters. Users can now save and share custom filter settings. The enhanced XML filter can import context IDs and comments from XML content, allows non-translation conditions based on attribute values, and has extended options for preserving and normalizing whitespace. Through these features, MemoQ now supports the internationalization tag set (ITS).

New server features support workflow automation: The Server Administrator offers more project management options, and the MemoQ Server notifies project managers of changes in e-mail. To better meet enterprise requirements, support has been added for dedicated SQL database servers and custom data folders for enhanced backup and security.

MemoQ 3.2 introduces usability improvements for translators and project managers: besides smart quotes and AutoCorrect lists, you can handle multiple terminology entries at once or clean up all files in a project with a single command.

To address the needs of visually impaired users, all aspects of the editing interface can be configured, from the color-coding of segment status to the font and markup used in the translation results panel.

MemoQ 3.2 is available free of charge for existing users.

Kilgray Translation Technologies
Istvan Lengyel