Visit "Frugally Vegas;" a New Budget-Oriented Las Vegas, NV Travel Blog

Site dedicated to value-based tips, suggestions, facts, and reader participation for Las Vegas trip planning. Authors have logged multi-trip experiences as the basis for this site with intent to assist in budget-based Las Vegas visits.

Las Cruces, NM, November 20, 2008 --( Welcome Vegas enthusiasts. Please accept an invitation to visit the new blog site Frugally Vegas at The intent is to provide money-saving tips and methods for planning an enjoyable excursion to Sin City... all based on the actual multi-trip experiences of an extremely middle class American couple. The internet is flooded with multiple Las Vegas sites that have varying amounts of cost-saving info but few have that aspect as the core foundation for their offerings. Atypically, there's nothing for sale at Frugally Vegas, no referral links for income, no suggestions that visits to Vegas are "cheap," or that visitors can sample all the opulent and/or seedy attractions during a weekend visit.

The Frugally Vegas staff are still infatuated with the town and it's ultimate escape persona after multiple trips. Visitors have seemingly endless options to experience and are limited only by their available time, budgets, and ability to remain conscious. What constitutes a good "deal" on airfare, accommodations, and entertainment? What is the budgetary value of participation in a given casino player's club and awarded complimentary rooms, meals, and flyback certificates?

What are the best sources for value-based coupons? Are there some blackjack games in Vegas that simply shouldn't be played due to poor natural payoffs (ie 6:5 on naturals), a rule set that raises house odds, or other player- unfriendly conditions? What are some of the more budget-minded shows that still offer satisfying entertainment? Some answers to these and a multitude of other options that can lead to cost savings on an excursion to Sin City is one of the ultimate goals of Frugally Vegas.

An alternative description for this site could be"Vegas on a common man's budget." Las Vegas offers more variety for leisure, entertainment, and plain fun than most any city in America, which partially explains why more than 40 million visitors showed up there in 2007. Obviously, there also exists wide differences in visitor likes, dislikes, needs, and budgetary constraints. There are as many options to save money as there are choices for activities; this blog will outline many savings options including time efficiency. The blog will offer frequent reader polls and encourage comments by other Vegas travelers to enhance all our future trips to Las Vegas.

Frugally Vegas
Charles Higgins