Address Look-Up Pioneers Take on Oz

Worcester-based web services company adds New Zealand and Australian tools to its suite of business addressing solutions.

Worcester, United Kingdom, November 21, 2008 --( Worcester-based web services company Postcode Anywhere has added Australian and New Zealand addresses to its online suite of address-lookup software – so now there’s no excuse not to get the address right for your great aunt down-under.

Postcode Anywhere first turned the world of address management upside-down back in 2001, when they released their original range of tools designed to help e-commerce websites and in-house admin systems look up and verify addresses in seconds.

Now they cover most of the globe with zip code as well as postcode lookups and intelligent addressing tools for North America, Europe and large parts of the Far East, supporting over 120 different address formats.

Managing director Guy Mucklow said: “Data quality is a two stage process; getting it right at the point of data entry makes the job of managing and maintaining it thereafter a lot easier. Trying to clean up data after the fact is like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

“International addressing is a highly complex process which requires being able to cope with over 120 different address formats as well as different languages, accents and character sets. By considerably simplifying the process of capturing foreign addresses, Postcode Anywhere technology enables users to deal with difficult data quickly, professionally and with far greater accuracy than if entered by hand.

“It’s great that we can open up our services to our antipodean cousins – the next time we send the Ashes their way at least we’ll get the address right!” and NetSuite users can also benefit from this addition to the Postcode Anywhere data, as the powerful address management solution is available as a plug-in application for both systems.

More information about Postcode Anywhere’s address management tools is available from

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