Opera Singer Leaves Low Notes Behind - Meets HFC International TV Crew

Opera singer Liliana Oliveri contemplates her past in a Milan, Italy TV interview.

London, United Kingdom, June 04, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Not far from the world famous La Scala Opera House in Milan, Italy opera singer Liliana Oliveri contemplates both her past and present when interviewed for an international TV series “Principles of Praise”. Born of Italian parents who emigrated to England you could say that opera was in her blood. Liliana shares that “I was very extroverted when I was a child and attended stage school. I grew up listening to jazz, classical music and opera in our home but never sang out loud there because my parents said I was out of tune. My music teacher, however, recognised that my voice could be trained classically.” How did she make the jump from the U. K. to Milan? She adds that she “won a scholarship from the Italian Embassy in the U. K. to study in Milan. From there I went on to performing here as well as teaching singing to young students.” Liliana’s life, however, soon reached a crisis point. She became a leader, in Milan, in the New Age movement for a time. But then her sister committed suicide and she became very confused. Liliana explains, “I wandered for 10 years in Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age techniques and even Native American philosophy. My sister became a Christian and kept inviting me to the Pentecostal church that she attended. I explained to her that I knew everything there was to know about church and, anyway, every road leads to God.” In the end, the opera singer had an accident that literally shook her world even more. She told us “I was forced to go back to London where I finally decided to go to church. They even met in a hall. As I walked into the meeting I was overwhelmed by God’s love and presence. I burst into tears and heard myself say “I’ve come home.” That was it. Flying back to Milan I was supposed to start a meditation group the next day. I really didn’t know what to do. I prayed about and bought a Bible. When 17 people showed up to hear me lead the group I told them “We’ve got this all wrong. We’ve got to start reading the Bible. It’s all about Jesus.” As a result of that group all of them are in a good church and they’re all leaders. One is even a missionary in Cambodia.”

Liliana Oliveri’s full testimony will be broadcast in 2009 on 15 TV networks across the Middle East, Russia, the C. I. S. countries, in Arabic across North America & Mexico, Australia, Romania, the U.K., New Zealand, Indonesia, Holland, Turkey, Israel and worldwide on cable and satellite. Other guests in this “Principles of Praise” Series, also available on DVD include singer / songwriters Graham Kendrick, Chris Bowater, Dave Bilbrough, Phatfish, Lou Fellingham and others. The UK based charity has also produced 52 other films with OLI Productions, its TV and media production arm.

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